Is it time to cancel all large gatherings?

Ok so in another thread Trump is resoundingly trashed for having a Rally in N. Carolina because of the Corona Virus scare.

I’ve seen no such condemnation of democrats for having rallies tonight though which seems curious.

Is it time for all large gatherings of people to be cancelled to prevent further spread of Covid19 or was that just blind partisan ranting on the part of a couple of posters?

Biden is high fiving and shaking hands all night.

The establishment are out celebrating and trading body fluids. :wink:

I’ve been watching the election returns come in and all of the Super Tuesday candidates seem to have had them.

Seeing how some think jesus is gonna save them and it’s a dem hoax ( her words) I say let them.

“Her Who”? Links? How is that relevant to the discussion?

Woman at a rally in n.c.

It’s just one woman…who knows how deep that goes…

I asked you for a link. Who is she? When and where? How does she even matter?

Already covered who she was. Just a trump drone

Ok, so you fabricated it, thanks for clarifying.

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If my RATM concert is canceled I am going to cry.

Not surprising.

Ah calling me a liar…

No that would be your word, you’ll have to decide if it fits.

If large gatherings were to be canceled, it would only affect Trump. Libs can’t seem to gather a supporting crowd. :sunglasses:

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