Is it time for the republicans to go on offense?

Impeachment is over. But I’m sure that Shifty and the gang are in denial. Planning to continue as if nothing happened. But their legal options have disappeared like the Dodo bird. It’s their final act of desperation.

What about the republicans? They do have options. The problem is they are terrible at playing offense. Usually preferring to play defense then collecting their chips and going home. Trying to be fair with people who are dedicated to destroying them. There are murmurings among republicans that they may be preparing to put their foot on the gas and subpoena Shifty, the whistle blower, the Biden’s and others. They should do it. And they should not fiddle fart around for weeks or months. They should get moving. NOW.

My question is this: Do you think that republicans actually have the stomach to go on offense? Or will they let this incredible opportunity slip away as they typically do?

If you ask me I say after the State of the Union address before it ends President Trump should show on live TV the US Marines arresting Adam shift for his lies his contempt and the rest of the ■■■■■■■■ that he has put the American people through for the past three and a half years you can throw pelosi nadler and any other Democrat as well as all of the presidents of MSNBC CNN and every other news channel 4 has been biased this whole time any comments

Yes, the Republicans are so afraid of going on offense.



Do you think that they will actually do any of the things they are babbling about?

The Marines are totally going to arrest Adam on live TV at the president’s command.


Maybe we can get some lock him up chants at this year’s GOP convention.

U.S. Marines don’t arrest people.

Hey. Why not have them at the State of the Union address? Led by the Marines, perhaps?

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Correct. But the republicans need to switch from rhetoric mode to action mode.

I hope that they do.

I would love to see how many pictures there are of Lev Parnas frolicking with them.

That was a fun chant. Very lively and enthusiastic. But it was just for fun. I think even republicans understand that we do not “lock up” corrupt public officials. That’s not who we are.

Same. But do you think they will?

they should start here

and continue here

and here

It all ties together. Ukraine, the fake dossier, the russia hoax, the impeachment hoax, the entire apparatus of the DoJ, FBI, NSC and CIA turned on a presidential candidate and susequently President. The DNC colluding with foriegn governments and foriegn spies to create fake dirt on a political opponent. And Shifty being involved in every step.

They should. But will they? Or will they fumble the ball white trying to be “fair?”


For them, it would be best to let this issue die… but it won’t.

More is going to keep coming out.

its the GOP. They tend to get all flustered when leftist call them names. Who knows. Maybe they’ve learned from Trump.


Okay maybe the Marines would be a little bit overboard but you do have to admit all the way back to Hillary’s email crap the Democrats have been getting away with all this stuff for way too long for the first time and the last 50 years of my life I’ve actually seen a president who hasn’t changed he’s done interviews 30 years ago who and did and said what he wanted to do with the country and he’s actually done that he didn’t need to take this job he loves America and I think he’s proven that and these people who are destroying America need to get out how can we do that besides voting for them

Republicans, in lockstep with Donald, have the moral high ground. Absolutely they should go on the attack. Standing by…


Great plan.

WIth the reports in the past 24 hours that:

  1. The Executive Branch refused a court order turn over emails that directly bore on President Trump’s actions, it is important to jail Adam Schiff before he gets too nosy about this.

  2. Jared Kushner received a $30M investment from an Israeli real estate firm immediately prior to his first trip the Middle East to work on his Israeli Peace Plan, it is all the more important to jail Hunter Biden as a distraction.

Go for it.

I have a prediction. The Senate will never subpoena Hunter Biden because it is more important to keep Trump supporters mad about Hunter Biden than to actually determine if there is anything there.


The problem being is that’s all the Republicans have is rhetoric . And you guys fall for it everytime. Name one thing that has panned out for you guys. Nada zip. And it quietly goes away till the next one. Kinda like the tea party.