Is it really about tick-tock time on TikTok in the USA?

Per free dictionary: the phrase “tick-tock” indicates that time is running out (for someone or something).

In that context the popular social media app has been for some time now been under investigation by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) which is chaired by President Trump’s Secretary of Treasury cabinet member Steven Mnuchin.

Per the attached Vox article, apparently this very committee already has had influence with the POTUS in blocking a sale to Singapore-based Broadcom from acquiring US semiconductor company Qualcomm. In addition, CFIUS also forced Chinese owners to divest from the dating app Grindr and the health start up PatientsLikeMe.

Now the Trump administration is more than hinting that something will soon be coming out on TikTok.

I, for one, support potential Presidential action requiring at a minimum the immediate divesting by the Chinese of any ownership interest in TikTok whatsoever.

Appreciating likely the reality of the situation here being that an outright ban of TIkTok in America will be not be feasible, Trump will surely send a strong message to China (and other countries) nonetheless.

The article herein also highlights how in the past CFUIS tended to focus on companies with military or intelligence connections. Understand how world powers hack and devise clever and devious ways to spy on other countries is a new norm-reality.

And please note the Chinese government can already legally force its organizations and citizens to hand over data at anytime under their own National Intelligence Law enacted in 2017.

Please share your thoughts and comments on this topic…

Trump is pissy because a bunch of tik tok users made him and his campaign staff look like a bunch of fools…He wants his payback.


It must have been embarrassing as President to find out that Trump had been played like a fiddle by a bunch of kids on Tik Tok



I mean TikTok does access a bunch of your personal information but so does everyone. Literally the only people who are not acquiring or selling your personal information is the public library. They won’t even give it up to the government with a warrant. Or with the Patriot Act.


The last genius idea they had was shopping at the Trump merch store and just leaving all the items in the shopping cart, which marks the items as “tentatively sold,” leading to fake shortages of Trump campaign merch and no way to tell what they’re selling.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with now that he came directly at them. With their allies the K-pop stans.


We have a 9 year old granddaughter who we discovered is a tick tick aficionado. Explaining the personal information hacks and ChiComs was a chore.
Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

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It is unbelievably foolish to mess with teenage or twenty something girls on the internet. It’s their battleground, they’re digital natives. You’re just a tourist. A half dozen sophomore coeds can turn up more personal information on you than the ■■■■■■■ CIA just idly snooping on social media for like a day.


TikTok as you know has owners abroad. The Chinese government can force its organizations and residents to hand over most anything by force.

Google and Facebook sell my information to Russian gangsters and Balkan warlords posing as information brokers. They’d sell to the Chinese government as quick as anyone else.


If and when Google or Facebook are caught selling yours or any other person’s information illegally they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Please consider contacting the FBI or your local police to coordinate efforts asap.

It’s not illegal. We don’t have any real data privacy laws in this country. Perfect legal to sell it to the Chinese government too.


Actually selling one’s personal information without their explicit permission is illegal in America.

Here below is what Facebook CEO Zuckerberg in April 2018 testified at a Washington DC hearing on that very topic per CNN included these comments:

"We do not sell data to advertisers. However, Facebook uses information people provide - such as their age, gender and interests -to target ads to a specific audience.

…Although Facebook doesn’t sell your data to outside parties, it does make money from it."


Thanks for sharing these articles!

Huewei is another fine example of a Chinese controlled company not only here in the USA but other places abroad like England where its head of state are currently leading the charge against these bad actors.

So many shallow and naive among us…but…as I’ve witnessed in life…ignorance is bliss.

You are correct. Ignorance is bliss.

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tik tok is really a secret organization that hates digital clocks…


It is literally just a social media platform for lip-synching and dancing. Before the world ended, I’d catch my college age waitresses using it all the time.

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I’m not following you but I can tell you feeeel better now…so that’s good. :sunglasses: