Is it Race or Culture?

Actually, a racist holds stereotypical views of people based on race. A bigot believes they’re superior based on those views.

Actually, it’s the difference between prejudice and bigotry, of which racism is a prejudice, and balling it all up into one word was a rhetorical mistake.

Texas IS part of the south.

That’s food for thought, here’s another one, do we look at a culture from a stereotype we believe.

I thought Texas was actually part of Mexico.

I think we should give it back. We don’t need them, and it’d be the right thing to do.


Culturally it has much more in common with the southwest than the traditional south.

I believe this is viewed as racism since some would view this attacks on non-white others as an expression of white supremacy.

Even the eastern parts of the state?

My knowledge is that state is that of someone who only drove through the state 2-3 times. San Diego, CA to Mobile, AL is a hell of a trip solo.

I guess I spent some time in El Paso. That was basically Mexico, with an American twist.

Ah so. Thanks for the clarification.

Racism is an attack on a particular race. No matter how it is “viewed”, the word has a definition.

I don’t think you understand what I’m saying and I know I don’t understand you or the relevance of your post.

I’ve lived in San Antonio and I live in Corpus Christi now, so yes. Can’t really speak of the northeastern part though.

West Texas does. East Texas is pure old South.

Actually East Texas is. The rest of the state is not. Yes, Texas seceded.

I don’t know. I was in El Paso for close to 5 years too.

Excellent question! Are you asking me or should I wait?

Halfway through, when you drive through Texas, it goes from being desert to being green. I always just assumed that’s where “The South” began. Obviously there are differences in culture from any place to another, but I knew that I wasn’t in El Paso country anymore.

There are times when you’re funny. Given that you’re sitting in California…

Stationed at Fort Bliss?

She’s absolutely correct about East Texas.

The holding of white supremacist views and interpreting the world and others through that ideological framework would be racism.