Is it Race or Culture?

The accusations of racism permeate every aspect of politics at every level today. The accusations have become a weapon that changes elections far more than any Russian posting on facebook.

I was reading this article today. There are a few interesting thoughts in it.

I’m not so sure the problem is race as much as it is incompatible cultures. Cries of “RACIST!” obviate any requirement to look in a mirror.

Anybody have any thoughts?

Even if we get rid of racism we will find a way to hate and kill each other. It’s in our blood.

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I dislike large segments of the population. I prefer not to associate with them in the least.

Rap as an example.

Am I racist?

You dont associate with someone if they like rap?

Not unless I have to for some reason.

We could get rid of 3/4 of the racist accusations by improving our education.

Mexican is not a race.
Puerto Rican is not a race.
Islam is not a race.

I’ve read that opposition to each one of these termed “racism” right here on this forum-almost always by liberals.
This is a result of pure ignorance and stupidity.

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In their defense, “culturist” doesn’t ring with the same shame as “RACIST!”

I don’t care for Puerto Rican culture either.

Bigot is much better than racist.

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Democrat isn’t a race
Republican isn’t a race
But you wouldn’t know it reading this forum.

You’re a true southerner.

In what sense?

Excellent point. Are they cultures?

Actually I’m not. I don’t care for much of southern culture either.

I am interested in why you said that though.

Being called a bigot is pretty much exactly the same as being called a racist.

Why is it better then? Isn’t bigot slightly worse?

Well, no, considering most hip hop fans are white and the age range is about fifty and down now if you started with Sugar Hill or LL Cool J or whatever.

Meant to say “isn’t much better.”

95% of the people don’t know what a bigot is.

1. intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

I still say our biggest problem is stupidity.