Is it ok to say I LOVE YOU to other Males

In Jesus Name?

The greatest thing I’ve ever done was to be able to say I love you to my father one last time before he died, and then tell my son I loved him on the same day. Full circle. Yes. My best friend and have both said it to each other…my neighbor and I have too. These are the four closest males in my life. I’m so proud to know they love me and they know I love them.


Same. It’s become easier to do with age.

Why on earth would it not be ok to tell someone you love them?

Only if you say “no ■■■■” after.

Jesus, every day this board astounds me.



I had forgotten about that phrase.

Is it ok to love your brother as yourself?


I have told my father that I love him; I have told my son that I love him. Where’s the problem?

This is a sweet and great post.

And, you fixed it, but your typo was accidentally funny. :slight_smile:

Is it ok to say I LOVE YOU to other Males

Funny you should ax that. Where I grew up and remain in the South there is a very narrow age range of guys who grew up into manly men together that have zero problem telling each other that. A very special term of endearment. Not so common on either side of that year or two.

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I tell my sons i love them every day. I tell my dad everytime we get off the phone. I tell my guy friends all the time. I guess if I’m not careful i could accidentally turn gay or something?

Is it ok to tell your bed friends you love them?

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I generaly would not! Keep it casual. :wink:

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Good for you, my Dad died the day after my B-day 17 years ago and it’s always bothered me the last time I saw him which was on my B-day I didn’t tell him that I loved him. And even though he knew it that’s not the same as actually saying it. Absolutely it’s ok!!!

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To each they’re own my friend.

Well I don’t have anyone I would simply define as a “bed friend” for a long time now, they are far more than that if they are in my bed.

To clarify i was just giving Kon the business for his rather awesome typo. :wink:

Horribly funny…i giggled then snorted.

I know, and I should of simply said that “■■■■ buddies” don’t make good wife material. :laughing:

Damn auto correct! Lol