Is is time for the democrats and the media to apologize to the president?

Of course it is. When you falsely accuse someone of doing something they did not do for over three years you owe that person an apology. Especially when the accusation is something as egregious as treason. Trump did not conspire with Russia and they knew it all along. It’s time to “man up” and apologize for misleading America for so long. They cannot continue to claim they are morally superior to Donald Trump while refusing to do the right thing. They claim to have the high ground morally. Yet they refuse to set the record straight. Weasels. All of them.

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Why Is the DOJ still fighting so hard to keep it in the dark? They just appealed to the supreme court to keep records from congress.

Did Trump ever apologize to Obama for his birther ■■■■■■■■■


I knew you would start by dodging the question. Answer my question first and I will happily respond to yours. How can libs claim to be the moral superior to Donald Trump after doing something this sleazy?

Please answer my question. Should they apologize? If not, why not?

No one was misled.

Mueller report very clearly spells out the illegal and improper actions the president and his cohorts took. Several of them were charged and convicted. The only remedy for the presidents misdeeds is impeachment. Since the GOP is spineless, that was a non started.

Th president should resign and the GOP should apologize for backing this grifter.


No, he was impeached. Why do they owe him an apology?

You were. So was Joy Behar. They told you that the President commited treason. And you believed them.

No, Trump should resign for the good of the country.

For lying about him conspiring with Russia for 3 years.

No president in the history of probably ever has deserved an apology like our brilliant POTUS Donald. The media has been so very very mean and very very unfair to him, whether it’s asking him nasty questions or failing to thank him for doing such a wonderful job or laughing at him for sharing his eleventy dimensional wisdom about medicine or science or technology that is so far beyond what ordinary man can comprehend it sounds like nonsense to them.

Pearls before swine, Donald. Your greatness is as pearls before swine. But through the prism of history your majesty will be revealed and known to future generations.

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Absolutely true. You deserve an apology too. They tried to convince the entire world for three years that the President commited a crime that he did not commit.

They should inject the media with light-infused disinfectant. I hear it can do a powerful number on the press releases. It’s something I believe they’re looking into.


Well it wasn’t technically treason, but what he did at Helsinki was the next worst thing to treason.
That should have done in any President of any party.

They should after all the media lied about what the president said. The is no record of him saying anything close to that. So yes they should apologize for that too.

No, they should not apologize…nor should they apologize for following up on trump’s financial debt to the Chinese.

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Well technically it is treason. Working with a foreign government to undermine a U.S. election and install a friendly government is certainly treason. And the dems said it was.

Why do they hate him so much, I wonder? He’s done so much for America and the world, I simply don’t understand.

Honestly, no figure in history has been hated so much for being so good. Even Jesus had moments where the crowds loved him. It wasn’t this constant onslaught of hatred and nastiness.

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I never thought Trump committed treason, so you are wrong.

Because they are haters who lost an election they thought was couldn’t be lost. Why does it even matter? Hate is not an excuse to mislead the American people.

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