Is is time for the democrats and the media to apologize to the president?

What do you call siding with Putin over your own intelligence agency publicly?

I am not wrong. You are not the king of the world. They lied. Whether or not you believed the lie is irrelevant. The owe the entire world an apology.

Nope. Media and Dems should not apologize.

A real flag-hugging patriot.

What do you call an intelligence agency who actively works to support the opposition party. They were part of the problem. They should also apologize. Some should serve time.


You are so right, brother. This is all about Hillary losing. They have been driven mad by hate and rage that their Queen doesn’t sit on the throne, and the man they despise has brought America back from the brink of oblivion.

Apologize to Donald, libs. The greatest POTUS in history, proven without doubt.

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You seem to interpret reporting on the actions of the president and his associates as lying for some reason.

You said I believed them. I never thought he committed treason. You are wrong.

Then they should not smugly claim to be the moral superior to Donald Trump. They do not occupy the high ground.

You could answer TNT’s question first.

Can yo answer my question?

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On what issue did he side with Putin?

On what issue did he side with Putin?

Okay. You never believed it. You were against Shifty the entire time. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

What actions are you speaking of? Reporting on what? Be specific. What evidence was provided?

They don’t.
You are confused with the “righteous” Rs who threw hissy fits over Clinton and his adulting and when Trump was also guilty of adulting, the “righteous” simply shrugged their shoulders.
The Dems shrugged their shoulders at Clinton and laughed at “the righteous” when Trump was given a free pass. Dems don’t care, they just love to laugh at the hypocrisy oozing from the righteous Rs.

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Perhaps I wasn’t being clear.
I wasn’t addressing Russian collusion.
I was responding to your treason comment regarding what he did in Helsinki.

:rofl: :grin: :joy: They certainly think they do. They place themselves as the moral superior to Donald Trump. Obsessed with “oversight.”

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I know you are playing ignorant, but when Putin said Russia didn’t meddle in US elections, Trump went on world stage and said he believed Putin, even though US intelligence had proof otherwise.

Of course the next day Trump claimed he “misspoke” and tried to clarify what he was supposed to have said.

Okay, Sure.