Is hillary Missing a Golden Opportunity, Or Time To Jump In Pantsuit and All

Why is hillary sitting this one out?

-According to two former presidents she’s the most qualified person ever
-russia stole the election
-epstein’s dead
-No clear frontrunner
-weiner served his time
-No open investigations
-People hate the POTUS
-People hate the deplorables
-Economy “sucks”
-The clown car just lost a member
-The media loves her
-Third time’s the charm

Draft hillary!!

Getting scared?

Naw. We’re good.

Not gonna happen, we’re all set.

Fantasy is a helluva drug.

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Please do not suggest this…Even in jest.

Gives me hives like that painting Epstein had of Bill in a blue Dress.

Please tell me you saw THAT!


I still hear Hillary and her E- Mails being talked about over the radio. With after 2 1/2 years of the Republicans running the DOJ, why hasn’t she been indicted???

I’ve heard it mentioned a few times, but I am happy to say I have not seen it.

Makes you wonder with all of epstein’s WH visits, if maybe he was present for some of bill’s escapades. Painted from memory?

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That’s what I’m saying. She’s free and clear to run again.

What movie was it where one person just couldn’t quit another person?

Hillary lost bro, get over it.

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If Hillary doesn’t want to run again, then she should not run again.

I think it was called The Collusion Hoax.

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Are you sure it wasn’t called “Mexico will pay for the wall”?

You know I love movies and usually have pretty quick recall on quotes, but that took me a few minutes.

Telling that it’s what immediately came to mind for you.

You’re the one that can’t quit Hillary. Of course it’s going to come to mind.

Well you got me there.

I love hillary. I need her. She’s one sexy septuagenarian. Unnnnnghhh!! Schwiiiiing!!

Damn you bill clinton!!!

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It’s really not your fault. Republican media has been on their megaphone about the clintons for 30 years. It’s hard for some people to let that go now that it’s been drilled into the fabric of the conversation. It doesn’t matter if her time has passed.

Mix metaphors much?

Hey look, alliteration.

The op is just upset that polls show the maniac losing to all the top dem candidates