Is he a good illegal or a bad illegal?

How do you know libs? If an illegal is apprehended at the border, what is he? Is he a farm worker? A political refugee? MS-13? A drug runner? A human trafficker? An illegal gun dealer? A common thug? How do you know? Why do you prefer to turn everyone loose without screening? We don’t assume that everyone on a flight is a highjacker. But everyone gets screened. If I leave the country, I get screened by customs. If I somehow evade the screening, the Po-leece will be waiting for me at my house. Yet we give millions of illegals a free pass. And some of them do rape, rob, murder, traffic young girls and sell poison to kids. Why do we let this happen? Why do they get less scrutiny than American citizens? Shouldn’t every single person trying to enter our country be properly screened?

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All illegals are bad. It’s right in the name. Illegal things are inherently bad.

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That is the conservative view. The republican and democrat view are nearly identical. The liberal view is that all illegals are good. Even the one’s that will knife you in an alley for your wallet. I just want to know how they justify allowing them to stroll right in unchecked.

One illegal killed an American kid over a pack of cigarettes. DEAD Americans is the consequence of illegals pouring into OUR country.

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Illegal immigrants are an infestation.

I was hoping that one of our liberal friends would chime in to defend their ‘Accept everybody, deport nobody’ policy.

Why would liberal’s defend a conservative fairy tale?


Then why are conservatives subservient to a party that doesn’t share their ideals?

Thank’s for joining in! Okay please set me straight. What is the democratic plan to improve screening of border crossers? And who are the top five democrats calling for the immediate deportation of all criminal aliens?

Your turn!

Properly screen them and then let them in. No exceptions. Anyone who asks for asylum is let in. Education, training all irrelevant. All must be given a chance. Deal?

No deal. The screening should absolutely not be done at the border. Nobody should be forced to travel 2000 miles and housed in a warehouse before they find out if they will be accepted. That is inhumane. Currently we are adding a city the size of Cincinnati every year. That is way too many. Most Americans agree. Most of them are low skilled. People who we will have to take care of. How do we know who is a real political asylum seeker and who is trying to get in simply to exploit our benefits? And I do not like the environmental impact of squeezing in more people. Too much pavement, too much habitat destruction. A million a year is too many. And most Americans agree with me. We want less, not more.

Yeah but then the Mexican drug cartels can’t make a fortune off smuggling illegals. Oh wait…

That is not true. Only 35% of Americans think the level of immigration should decrease. 24% think it should increase while the highest number of American believe it should remain the same.

I never said it has to be done at the border. Yeah see you don’t care about whether they are legal or illegal, this is about immigration in general for you. ALl this hand wringing is nothing but nativism. good luck to ya

Exactly this isn’t about illegal or legal… it’s really about not having any non-white people immigrating to this country.

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That is true according to gallup.

What else is true? Massive wildlife habitat destruction, increases greenhouse emissions, paving more wilderness , increased natural resource consumption, more people for the government to take care of. These fact are undeniable.

I’ll just leave this intetesting article right here and wait for the squawking to begin. I mean everyone knows Forbes is a far left rag.

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Wow. I have zero tolerance for bigots such as yourself. If you are not speaking racial hatred yourself, you are projecting it on to others. You are a sad, strange little man.

Sorry the other link was not right.