Is he a good illegal or a bad illegal?

You can ignore facts all you like but it in no way disputes them. The majority of Americans do not share your view on immigration.

You are on the record in this very thread displaying signs of actual nativism and you decide to talk about bigotry lol

54 percent according to Gallup.

And my facts about what importing millions of people to our country every year will do, are rock solid.

Do you want non-white immigrants in the USA?

Have you ever noticed then it is always the liberals who inject race? The they claim that it’s the conservatives who are obsessed with race. I am actually okay with you doing this. Running a race based political campaign is probably the best thing you can do to get conservatives elected. How did that work out for you last time? Normal people have simply had enough of having race thrown in their face every other minute. They simply are not obsessed by race. So by all means, keep doing it!!!

No. You do that everybody will ask for it, sort of like they are now.

Then how did Trump get elected?

What skills do they have?

I know, i wanted to draw a specific reaction out of him, it was a bit of a gotcha comment. He can yell about illegals all he wants but that’s not what this is about

What’s it about?

Why does that matter?

If that doesn’t matter, what does?

Not exactly. It’s what everything is about. This entire website is nothing but gotcha.The media spends every waking moment trying to play gotcha with Trump. Are you saying they should stop?

No, according to Gallup the number of Americans that want to see the level of immigration decreased is only 35% not 58%.

That you want to be an American for the right reasons. If you have an in demand skill, that’s a bonus.

That’s very idealistic. What reasons would those be?

What makes you think they want to be Americans at all.

I don’t think about their color. I gave you my reasons. You just chose to ignore them. Just ask my Hispanic immigrant brother-in-law, my two Hispanic nieces and Hispanic nephew. And I also am quite fond of my Asian sister-in-law.

I didn’t give you any bull ■■■■ buddy. I never do. I gave you my actual reasons for wanting border security. And you decided to invent your own reason and project it on me. You owe me an apology.

Immigration in general. For many the Mexicans coming accross the board are just a symptom of a bigger problem. It’s Nativism plain and simple. It’s just being couched in fun terms like illegal immigration. Again that’s not true for all of those who are against illegal immigration but Altair is not alone in his mindset.

You twisted that up so much I don’t understand it.

Are those illegal aliens respecting our laws?

They’re reversing our negative fertility rate?