Is Global warming finally kaput as an issue?

The entertainment industry is full of hypocrites.

I should know… I work in it.

The sad fact is that no industry, country, or individual for that matter really takes actions that are of no benefit to them but will benefit strangers not even born yet without an incentive or penalty involved

Humans are wierd that way.

Good honest answer. We don’t all share the same flaws. But yes, we are all flawed.

Why even bother arguing with the deniers? It’s a very small percentage of people (almost exclusively in the US) of the world’s population who don’t believe in it.

Have you thought about the major flaws in your argument yet?

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Right. So It’s better to simply label them and move on. But the issue scores very low for the top concerns for your average American. And we have no right to tell the rest of the world what their climate policy should be. The biggest screw up was to poison it with politics. And the cold weather to come will not be making anybody hope for even colder temps.

Arguing with climate change deniers is like arguing with anti vaxers


Like I said, only small percentage in the US doesn’t believe in global warming and the percent who believe in it is only rising, not falling.

“Seventy percent of Americans now accept that climate change is happening, outnumbering those who don’t by a 5 to 1 ratio, according to a new survey by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. More than half of those surveyed, 58 percent, said they also understand global warming is caused mostly by human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels.

The share of Americans who think climate change is happening has increased seven percentage points since March 2015. Their certainty has increased 12 percentage points in three years, with 49 percent of the U.S. now “extremely” or “very sure” it is happening, according to the new survey.”

Yep …which is why they won.

And after 30 or 40 years you are still stuck with no movement? You have tried to get people to make it a priority and have failed. I don’t think people really want to pay more for the only energy source that they have available. Y’all should have offered something that does not include us paying more. Show a little creativity. And if you don’t like the deniers, change your own energy source without us. You don’t need us to do that.

We were parties to the Paris Agreement before Trump pulled us out. But the rest of the world is still in it.

Do you believe since our present administration isn’t actively involved in fighting global warming, the rest of the world is standing still on this issue?

Every country should decide it’s own environmental policy. They should be able to accomplish this without U.S. dollars.

I knew a guy once. I’ll never forget him. Good guy. Worked hard.

But had horrible heart failure. Like his heart was the size of a volleyball. He listened to his doctors but decided that they didn’t know what they’re talking about. He felt okay. He was fine.

He died within 6 months.

Turns out it was an issue, even if he decided that it wasn’t.

That’s fine with me since the US govt are so out of step with the rest of the world, we (the population of the planet) are better off having the adults in the world in charge for now.

So THIS science is indisputable, I always love how the anti-intellectualists cherry pick what they think is legitimate science, and then distort it.

The data has been tinkered with. That is indisputable. The nightmares that have been predicted have not materialized when the said they would. That is indisputable. If you want to do something about global warming them do it. Go for it. I choose not to, But don’t blame me for you inaction. Again, Tell me why Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Hollywood and others have not converted to 100 percent renewable energy? Are they too poor? Stop complaining and act.

You very clearly have no understanding of how the dynamics of our atmosphere work.

For starters, the AGW theory states that additional CO2 loading to our atmosphere results in decreasing temps in the thermosphere. This has been common knowledge for decades. Had you actually bothered to read Mr. Mlynczak’s report, you would’ve seen that he discusses that dynamic.

Secondly, continued warming of our atmosphere and additional cooling of the troposphere as a result of a lower solar activity are not mutually exclusive. Why in the world would you ever believe that (lover of science)?

Third, do you have even a basic understanding of the AGW theory? It would appear not. The thermosphere has almost nothing to do with warming. It basically has everything to do with our troposphere. As we load more CO2 into the atmosphere, it primarily hangs out in the troposphere, resulting in more insulation, meaning less IR escapes and leads to further warming. Here’s a link that lays it out in very basic terms… Satellite data show a cooling trend in the upper atmosphere. So much for global warming…. Right? — The Climate Consensus

Last, so you want to use NASAs research to try and refute the AGW theory? First, maybe try understanding what you’re reading and how it might relate to AGW. Secondly, why not ask NASA or MR Mlynczak himself if his findings in any way, shape or form refute the AGW theory?

Im sure you’ll get right on that…


This has to be a joke, right? I mean no one is that dumb.

:rofl: Good one altair!

For everyone that doesn’t look at the article, this has nothing to do with temperatures on the earth. It has nothing to do with temperatures at all. It’s about the TCI. What is that you ask? Well here…

No its not kaput yet…

This is what I think and I am not an alarmist. There will be a pulse in the composition of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which will outlive smaller cycles, such as sunspot cycles. The extent of the pulse will depend on the total amount of hydrocarbons burned. Despite best intentions, I suspect that all the hydrocarbons that can be burned will be burned, or at least all that are economically feasible.

Activism is admirable, but not likely to be effective. This will lead to a period of several hundred years of global warming, although the extent to which cannot be known. I don’t think the ice caps will melt, but who knows. It will take several hundred years for the carbon dioxide to be scrubbed from the atmosphere. Thus the critical variable is not the rate of carbon dioxide production, but the total amount burned.

Within a thousand years or so, the composition of the atmosphere will return to pre-industrial levels. The earth will then continue on its very slow cooling trend, which has been the norm for the past 55 million years or so. A new ice age will ensue followed by another interglacial.

None of those problems are particularly problematic. Humans endured any number of climate changes during our evolution. But modern humans are less adaptable. We no longer know how to live like humans.

You can take Apple off your list…