Is Global warming finally kaput as an issue?

Yes. And it has been for decades. All of the belittling, name calling and panic from the left has accomplished approximately nothing. For decades. They have not been able to gain any traction what so ever. Now there is this. The final nail in the coffin. Due to low solar activity, NASA is predicting an era of cold temperatures coming soon. It’s going to be very difficult for people to demand cooler temperatures while they are freezing their asses off. Global warming is dead. And so is one of the primary drivers of globalism. Goodbye, good riddance!

Is the solar minimum a decades long event or is it simply a 6 to 12 month phenomenon?

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It’s not entirely predictable. But people will not be demanding cooler temperatures. The issue only exists among globalist politicians. Your average person is not interested in making things colder.


You guys won.

Nothing will be done about it and the financial consequences will be suffered by the younger generation and the generations not yet born.



We didn’t win. You guys lost. You made false predictions and manipulated data for years.

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We are in a solar minimum (with no end in sight) right now and are breaking global heat records year over year. God help us when the sun wakes up again.

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You won.

Oil interests were able to muddy the waters enough to cause enough doubt that people like yourself would argue against the interests of the coming generations so they will have to pay much more later instead of us paying a little yesterday.

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Climate change (global warming) and solar activity are not mutually exclusive. You can have global warming but still have brief cooling because of sun activity. To think you can discount one because of the other is a lack of understanding.

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Thanks Bill Nye! You lost. The issue is dead.

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Why all of a sudden is this science acceptable to you?

I love science!!!:grin:

Sure. Says you.

Why is this science better than the global warming science?

Says billions of people who are really not interested in making the world colder. I have met a few on beaches in Jamaica. Going to Alaska next year, I’m betting that they are fine with their current levels of cold as well.

Anecdotal “science.” Good stuff.

Everything that politics touches gets ruined. They politicized global warming. Using it to promote globalism, taxes and wealth redistribution. People get corrupted once the politicians take over. The issue has been dying for years now. Once the cooling hits. it’s game over.

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How much governmental oversight and money is needed to make it 70 and sunny every day?

The solution to global warming is political. It takes compromise, resources and group effort to solve the problem.

What really is political was the effort to deny that it was happening in the first place. That it was some sort of liberal conspiracy.

Be happy… you won.

You won’t have to pay the consequences. A younger generation will.


The thing about science is that natural processes will continue despite politics. Even if an issue dies in a public arena sense, it doesn’t change anything about the underlying process or result.

If every single liberal in the world and every liberal corporation in the world who could afford it, converted to renewable energy, the impact would have been huge. But they sat back and did nothing but complain. And y’all let them get away with it. Why isn’t Hollywood entirely fossil fuel free?

Congratulations for doing nothing.