Is civil disobedience morally justice

Currently in Canada we are having a debate on if civil disobedience is morally justice, or should people respect the rule of law.

personal in my opinion people are moral obligated to disobey their government when they view its acting injustice.

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Canada has an appalling record of jailing non-violent anti-abortion protestors:

She was arrested for violating an injunction, the same thing currently happening in BC.

Canada is just as evil and disgusting as every other nation on Earth.

They are sick with human traffickers, illicit drug trade, pedophiles, and murderers, just like every other nation on Earth.

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cool do you have anything to comment on the subject or just rambling.

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I was replying to a poster. Carry on, you.

How screwed up is that? Pro life protestors go to jail while the abortion clinics go about their grisly job of killing the unborn unimpeded.

Upside down picture there.

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Linda Gibbons has spent at several years in jail because she repeatedly peacefully protests against abortion on public sidewalks within a court-enforced exclusion zone around abortion clinics. I have seen no evidence that she is blocking access in any way, and it appears that her protests would be perfectly legal if they were about labor conditions at the clinics.

She violated an injunction which is a court order telling people to dismiss.
its the same thing people are currently being arrested in BC for violating.

Linda is publicly disobeying the government because she views they are acting in an injustice manner.
I support Linda.

The rail blockade protests appear to be blocking passage of trains.

In my opinion that is much different that simply standing with signs or handing out leaflets near the tracks or in front of train stations.

both are act of civil disobedience, which is the subject of this thread.

Okay, what happens when protestors destroy tracks or blow up bridges to block trains.

Is that civil disobedience as well?

no that is not civil disobedience.
that is an act of violence.

Think of it this way - all those unborn won’t be born so that they can illegally come to our country and suck on the government teat.

And if you are stuck on a train because of protestors are blocking the tracks, is that a form of false imprisonment?

If your business loses money because deliveries are delayed, is that a form of theft or vandalism?

In the case of the anti-abortion protestor, her actions would protected under the first amendment in the US. Her “crime” appears to be pricking the conscience of expectant mothers and workers entering the abortion clinics.

The cases are not the same.

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