Is Beto O'Rourke the new Obama?


How do people make judgments? Two names: Kahneman and Tversky. If you need a soft introduction read Michael Lewis’ book, “The Undoing Project.” If you need a more technical treatise, read Kahneman’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow.”


This guy is charismatic, great speaker, but much too liberal. He wants to tear down the wall along the border, he voted against Kate’s law. He supported the Democrat’s vote against the born alive protection against. He supports the idea that in 12 years we will be extinguished, the original AOC proposal. Well, now it should be about 11 1/2 years left, though he says nothing about crippling China’s economy, only the US economy, which only gives 15 percent of global emissions, while China gives 30 percent of global emissions. He calls the police ‘the new Jim Crow’. He supports sanctuary cities. Says nothing about the vast crimes in Texas by illegal aliens. Thousands of illegal alien crimes within Texas itself, no problem for him. He also wants tax payer funding of illegal alien abortions for sure. Now for the liberals on this site, that is moderate, but for US people this is radical, and won’t be accepted even if he is a charismatic speaker.


According to some, civility can start again when the Democrats regain control of the Congress and the White House.


Lol, you say that like liberals wouldn’t walk right out and run a stereotype of an entitled frat boy, culture approprating, white privleged male, sticking their fingers in the eye of every principle they espouse. After all, he was born to do this. Hypocrisy to liberals is like mud to a pig.


I’m glad at least one liberal here agrees that the Democrats don’t care one iota about getting along with the Republicans.


This…is quite amusing coming from a Trump supporter.


He doesn’t understand how barriers work. The optics of wall bashing while standing in front of security fences was bad.


Yes it does, he’s ignoring the experts for personal gain, like illegal votes with the open borders.


That’s because some of them are criminals trying to protect Obama from his attempted coup with his deepstate traitors.


Sounds like System 1 thinking.


He is very reminiscent of Ted Kennedy- DWI crash- lied about it - attempted to flee.
You may be on to something.


I don’t agree that he’s a great speaker. He has quirky characteristics. He flails his arms around when he speaks. The first couple of words of every thought is forced out and sounds like a dog barking. He may have other attributes, but speaking isn’t one of them.


You’re a Trump supporter right?


I’m not crazy about Trump. I will vote for him over any Democrat that I see now.


Yeah it was just an interesting choice of words about Beto considering your support of Trump.


Can you name one Democrat you would vote for over Trump?


Not tonight. I have to wash my hair.


Crazy that we got to the brink of ruin with Obama and Trump can’t even top most economic indicators under Obama.


Joe Manchin if he was running.
Maybe Biden. It depends on how far left he is shoved trying to win the primaries.


I’m not so sure I like him. Sure, he can skate-board, but what about his policies? He says he’s a capitalist but he’s for gun control, and other big-government measures. He’s also deleted his stances on his website from his Senate run. I’m not sure I’d trust him, especially after he resorted to name-calling like Trump did.