Is anyone surprised he’s a Republican?

Hard to believe this attitude survives in 2018. Will he win election? In Texas he could!

His money, his kids, none of our business.

Would you be equally offended if he paid them to marry people of other races?

It is his money but it’s a reflection of who he is and what he represents when running for office.


That’s a winning platform where I live.

Nobody ever disputed his right to be a racist.

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Sure you are.

It’s not just race. They also have to marry opposite sex and Christian.

Yes and no sisters or sheep…

He’s just saying out loud what a lot of parents already do.

The best example of this was when my wife and I were having a conversation with another couple and this topic (race specifically) came up and the wife said, and I quote, “We just hope we’ve taught them right from wrong”. We bit our tongues and moved away from them.

According to him, being a racist and a homophobe didn’t affect his rulings…only in Texas folks. Lol!

You seem to have a real problem with Texas this morning. Cowboy steal your girl?

What state do you live in?

from your link

"The candidate’s estranged brother, who is married to a black man, called his brother’s views and actions “disqualifying for anyone to hold public office in 2018.”

ahhhhhh… so it’s a vindictive homosexer that is trying to destroy his brother. Not surprised. He’s likely a liberal… either a closet lib or a proud activist lib. Libs don’t want people to think differently than them.

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Having two horrible school shootings in couple of months apart and not doing anything about it will sour your opinion on the people of that state.

Like it’s not just as easy to find a black man who doesn’t want his daughter to marry a white guy. Yet, there are very few whites willing to label that black man a racist and even fewer willing to do it to his face. I have no doubt this guy is a racist but it irk me, when we have different rules for different people based on their skin color.

White guilt is real.

“Ewwwwww… these people think differently than we do, honey. Let’s go where we all think alike”

^ A post to deflect away from racist people.

Fully Agree WildRose. If he wants to give money to his kids for marrying other white people, that’s his choice. His children are still free to marry who they want.

I am not “triggered” by this at all.

Did being gay affect the single judge’s decision to over ride the will of millions when ruling on Proposition 8?

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His values become our business the moment he decided to seek public office.


Just out of curiousity, does this judge feel that the Loving vs. Virginia case was incorrectly decided?

I have no problem with people being racist, homophobic, transphobic, and so forth, as long as their public policies don’t endorse their personal views.

The problem though is that social cons have a history of not understanding the secular nature of our government.