Is anyone else having this issue of having quotes of posts auto-removed?


Let’s see if it works for me.


My feedback is it worked for one post.

If it works for two…you rock!


Its great thaf the mods want to fix this but posting on a messageboard should not be so diifficult. The fsct that the most basic of functions such as actually creating a post before it auto refreshes and wipes your post or quoting some one else is so problematic is indicative of the general attitude to this forum.

Yes i know its free etc but still I am on other boards that dont have the backing this site has and they operate flawlessly.


It is my understanding that an automatic update caused this particular issue. We have to run things up the chain to get these types of issues fixed. “The backing” has provided a place for this community on a forgotten format that makes little to no revenue. I’m actually thankful they didn’t just redirect us to some Facebook site because I like the anonymous format. Patience and understanding are appreciated.


The auto-refresh sucks but the quote feature was a Discourse change, not this firum’s change.

Someone needs to go to Discourse and ask them not to auto-enable new “features” without warning.

Our mods aren’t the issue for those things.

For this issue, once we flagged it, our mods/admin were very responsive, for which I’d like to say thanks!

We’re all quick to bitch about our mods…me included.

We should be as quick to thank them when they quickly progress something up the chain.


How dare you!? Banana peppers are king!


It seems to be working better now. Thanks hughes