Is anyone else having this issue of having quotes of posts auto-removed?

I’ve had a couple posts where I’ve wanted to have the actual post of the person to whom I’m responding show up in my post. The system bot, for reasons that appear to be totally random, has deleted the quoted post and just left my response in the final post.

Anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix, or is it something I did?

Thanks in advance!

Actually, going back and looking at the posts I tried to quote- those posts may contain a filter bypass or a word the system bot thinks should be filtered but isn’t filtered, maybe?

That could be. I thought at first it was because of images in the reply text.

Yeah, happened to me yesterday. I don’t recall a word that should have been filtered in the quote so I thought it was just a system hiccup (though I did get a PM from a mod to alert me). It didn’t delete my post, only the quoted part.

Huh. The system just removed my quote of the second post in the thread.

OK looks like a system hiccup then, or some reason beyond my comprehension…which isn’t hard to accomplish!

The system also didn’t remove the original post I quoted, which again led me to believe this was another system hiccup.


Another test

Testing quoting this again. It’s a quote of the second post of this thread.

Let me do it that time, GW.

It’s weird. It’s occurring on posts created today, and posts created on Oct 18th for me.


test one two

test three four


The intermittent glitch…the worst of all IT glitches.


Story of my life.

“I don’t care if it’s not reproducible. Why can’t you fix it?”

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Sloppy post is sloppy.

If it wasn’t for the banana peppers…I’d eat that…

I didn’t even know you could order banana peppers on your in and out sandwich, and I’m a California native.

Edit: The glitch did it to this post.

Also, the burger is a 4x4 animal style with peppers from In And Out.

It’s a new “feature” that was added Discourse (by the developers of Discourse) in the past month or two. It only affects quotes of entire posts:

The system now removes the quotes from direct replies when they quote the whole previous post. It shouldn’t touch old posts unless they are rebaked.

After seven months of this community using Discourse, I can conclude the developers have a ■■■■ sense of user friendliness.