Is anyone else having this issue of having quotes of posts auto-removed?

The “feature” will not stop me from quoting whole posts. My habits will never change.


■■■■■■■ beautiful.

Memory-saving feature, maybe?

Since they embed a link to the post you’re responding to?

Can’t imagine it saves much memory, and seems dumb.

So when you hit the reply button at the bottom of a post (like I did here), it won’t put a link back to the post you were replying to?

Edit: Well crap it did that time.

Mods, if you have any site admin powers, this can be disabled.

From Samson’s link above:

I’ve noticed that having the curved arrow linking back to whatever post that is being replied to appears inconsistently. That’s been going on for months. The system removing full quotes of posts is new and that’s what the developer in the link is talking about.

It only appears if the post you’re responding to is separated from your post by other posts.

So in this post of mine, the link back to your post won’t be there.


They give me access to the basic necessities. I’m the “Iggy” of the mod staff.

I wish discobot was enabled. There’s a badge I want to earn.

every time i try to quote it happens. and i cant even edit/wiki the post after hand which means if i don’t post right after the person i am trying to quote no one would understand who or what i am responding to.

this is getting ridiculous frustrating

no wiki is one thing but this…

The Administrator is not accepting pm’s at the moment. Sigh.

@Snow96, @GWH is there any way you can get in touch with the admin so the feature can be disabled?

Quoting an entire post is often very useful for further discussion…we could really use the help.

Thanks in advance!

Yup. Working on it.

Thanks, man! Appreciate it!

Try that…

Testing testing

Test again

Test again this time expanding quote. Duh

Testing ☭rump

Testing testing

Give me some feedback.