Is 5G Bad for Your Health?

Looks like it could be…

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I am still living and breathing


Don’t know if it’s bad for my health or not, but it certainly doesn’t outperform 2.4Ghz at this distance and amount of walls to the router.


I have Spectrum “whole house wifi” thats only good for the room the router is in and the room next to it…lol.

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I bought a pack of these to help with the signal. Two in my office, two in the router. It solved everything but the 5Ghz. Still only pulls around 72Mbps through the walls. 2.4Ghz is at 195Mbps.


5ghz won’t go through walls. Try positioning range extenders through hallways with line of site and within 40 feet of the source. Even then, you can only have 8 streams, I think.

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Good for you!

Not pertinent. 5G only began to come on line 10 months ago, and living and breathing do not indicate that you are healthy.

We get the 5g crackpots spray painting on the side of my building,


Yes, being involved in an air crash can be bad for your health.

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When one crashes due to 5g interference get back with us.

They will just divert the aircraft to another airport.

See how easy that is.


Yes, human sacrifice is required to placate the big-tech gods.

Fortunately, there has been a delay in 5g deployment around airports so disaster has been averted for now.

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Now that’s a good case against 5G.

In either case, it seems like an overly bloated system just to get more speed in. There’s a lot of tradeoff involved. Might be the wrong approach.

That’s terrible. What does it have to do with your heath?

Why should airlines and their customers sacrifice time, money, and inconvenience for your cell phone performance? What was wrong with cell phone performance under 4G? Were people dying because of slow data transfer speed?



Expressing concerns about the safety of 5G or expressing doubts about evidence-free pronouncements from Washington could result a dangerous pre-dawn SWAT team raid. Raids of this kind have a history of bad health outcomes.

The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) . . . Domestic violent extremists have also viewed attacks against U.S. critical infrastructure as a means to create chaos and advance ideological goals, and have recently aspired to disrupt U.S. electric and communications critical infrastructure, including by spreading false or misleading narratives about 5G cellular technology . . .

Don’t go stupid on us.

On the other hand, if someone other than a telecommunications company set up a C band transmitter in an airport approach zone, they would most likely be arrested on suspicion of terrorism.

Why should telecoms be inconvenienced because the airlines don’t want to upgrade their equipment? They had years to upgrade their altimeters with new filters and did nothing.

5G has already rolled out in 40+ countries. The fight between the airlines and the telecoms is because airlines don’t want to spend the money to upgrade their equipment.