Iran will never return to the Negotiating Table?

I keep hearing this and all I have to say is “Hide and Watch”. They are now paying the price for their aggression and when they have felt enough pain for it they will be happy to return.

Israel has launched massive strikes on all or at least the vast majority of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria as well as that of their puppets in Lebanon in addition to their smaller scale strikes over the last few weeks.

More to come.

Actually, we have no intention of negotiating with them further. Both the United States and Israel are pushing efforts at regime change. Restoring the sanctions is a move towards that end I think that a naval blockade may not be out of the question.

If they give up their nukes and exporting of terror regime change won’t be necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, they need to be gone and the people would toss them out on their asses if they could but they lack the arms to do so.

The Mullah’s will soon have a choice to make.

Regime change is not out of the question by any means. Ironically, many Iranian people resent their government in the exact same way that United States Citizens resent their own government.

And that is for wasting the countries wealth on foreign conflicts, rather than using it at home.

The exact same sentiment exists in both countries, but more so in Iran because of the declining quality of living.

They don’t have nukes or they would have launched. Things will get a lot uglier there before they can get better.

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Which is why it’s time to ensure they never do.

unless you can convince Europe/China/Russia to side with you on placing Sanction on Iran again they wont.

America has been saying that for decades but Mullah is still in power.

Which changes the truth of it how?

We don’t need the Europeans or Chinese, the US can act unilaterally or with an Arab/Israeli coalition if we decide to.

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act unilaterally and do what?

Domestically things in Iran have been improving since UN sanction were removed .

The United States (and to a lesser extent Great Britain) were responsible for the Islamic Revolution in 1979 by enabling the Shah’s despotic rule.

If Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is restored as the Shah in Iran, THIS time it MUST be different. He must be a Constitutional Monarch with a truly democratic government. Most despotism will eventually just lead us right back to where we are now. Control of the military and the police must be placed in the hands of democratically selected ministers, not in the hands of the restored Shah.

Does the Monarchy have any support in Iran.

There is a substantial monarchist element and many people would accept a Constitutional Monarchy, though few would go back to the pre-1979 absolute Monarchy.

unless there is large support for monarchism within the reform movement within Iran it would be stupid to divided them over it, their number are already to fractured.

You would be better to support a straight up parliamentary democracy.

Canada is a straight up parliamentary democracy that just happens to have a Queen. :smile:

in a Constitutional monarchy the head of state is a very important symbolic rule they need to be fully accepted by the public or the whole system fall apart.

Whatever we decide is necessary to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons.