Iran who is to blame?

Iran is pushing firther and further to getting a weapon.
It would seem the deal Obama had signed was working till trump decided to back out and push sanctions on Iran. Squeezing them to the point they tossed their hands up in the air.

So if Iran gets the bomb who will people blame?

On the other side we have the trump administration pushing for the sauds to have a nuke as well. So in the matter of a short couple of years we could have the two largest sponsors of terrorism with the bomb.

Republicans will blame Obama. Democrats will blame Trump.

No it’s not. It never was.

Although, as North Korea has shown. It should.

Trump tore up the deal. He is to blame.


So they are lying when they say they are enriching.

No they are not lying when they say they are enriching. Nor are they lying when they say they are not seeking nuclear weapons.

But they are going that route.

There’s no other answer, honestly.

I’d say blaming Iran would be a good start.


Broad consensus of intelligence agencies was that Iran was in compliance… but Trump seems committed to undo everything Obama did and so here we are.

Because we say so?

For what?

Enriching uranium and procuring nuclear weapons.

Neither of those are problems. And the later of which they haven’t done.

When Trump withdrew from the deal he said Iran would come to the table and negotiate a more privative deal. Why would anyone have expected that. Iran is responsible for enriching the uranium they are enriching, but that’s just following self interest at this point… they know what happened to Qaddafi.

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Damn straight.

The op is a hypothetical. A really easily believed and likely to come true hypothetical.

I don’t know one could argue the thing the Obama administration did was buying us time, but everyone knows the end goal was always Iran getting a nuclear weapon. Same can be said about N.K. getting the bomb who’s to blame? I’m not sure maybe they all are.

Oh, so Iran is hypothetically to blame.

The Obama Administration negotiated a ten year suspension in Iran’s nuclear program… hoping that as sanctions reduced, Iran would come around to a more moderate and economically desirable position. By adding more sanctions, Trump positioned the Iranian leadership where they had to do something to show their people that they were not being influenced by the American action, and so they have accelerated the nuclear program.

Really not hard to anticipate but that assumes that the people on our side read their briefing papers.