Iran Reportedly Responding

Breaking now:

Praying for our people in Iraq.

Well hell. Looks like the Cold War is turning Hot.

Iran state TV is confirming its their people.

I hope everyone is strapped in and feeling hopeful about our CinC leading us through these opening volleys of war. I’m praying hard right now. Anyone else who is of faith is hopefully doing the same.

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Here we go. Uggghhhh

This is the path Trumpsters wanted their Messiah to lead them down. Enjoy! Guess I’m ready to watch the world burn.

shelling has stopped according to CNN.

Missiles were reported, not artillery.

So this seems good.

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Canada is currently going on vacation peace out.


I’m really hoping the Pentagon has a contingency plan for this.


That’s the plan that they have.


Bombing cultural sites according to the President, but a smart person would be to heavy bomb shiite Milita in Iraq.

At this point that’s the only real response.

It really feels like this wasn’t thought out at all. On either side.

The Iranian response was easily predictable.

The President put us on this path.

I doubt we are getting off it easily.

question is will we get pre-Iraq proaganda suggesting that not supporting Trump and the war is unpatriotic.

Yeah I’d say strike the militias and then see what Iran’s next move is. If they back down, great. If they don’t… Well I guess ■■■■ hits the fan at that point.

knowing the President we will know the response within a few hours, he doesn’t have long term thinking.