Iran is not Trump's fault

Iran arrested UK ambassador. Is it Trump’s fault? Iran flagrantly violated international law? is it Trump’s fault. I ■■■■■■■ doubt it. I also believe that IT IS NOT TRUMP’S FAULT ABOUT THE UKRAINIAN AIRLINER.

it is time for Iranian common people to overthrow the islamic regime’s dictators.
Those phony Clerics cannot run a country.

It is time for Iranians to de-islamise Iran. back to a modern day Persian success story.

It’s time for the whole country to come out of their cocoon.

We apparently have a zealot regime of fake clerics and their warped brained radical islamic mentality.

He was arrested for joining an anti-regime protest, its really his own fault.

I fully back Trump on aiding anti-regime protestors.

I would add that Trump handling of the Iranian dispute post assassination (which I disagree with) has very well though out he is picking his battles.

Yeah not too bad so far.

The Iranian people reeeeally aren’t happy about the regime shooting down an airliner and blatantly lying about it.

Unfortunately I don’t see the protests leading to anything other than murdered protesters.

It could be said that the missile…backfired?

I’m proud of the Iranian people but there will be a lot of innocent blood shed before this ends and that’s disturbing.

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There sure were a lot of American news castors on the left, spouting the claim by Iranians that the shooting down of the airliner was Trump’s fault. They repeated it over and over and over. Now…things are changing? I wonder if what they’re reporting will?


You have some proof?

Indeed, I haven’t heard a single such report. The blame is falling squarely on Iran.

It’s a pushed narrative where Trump is always the victim.

Poor Donnie!

one of Iran most celebrated athletes defect this weekend.

They, the liberal progressives, will follow their former darling of the left, Obamanation, with the same rational as when Obamanation refused to support of protestors.

It must have been Trump’s fault :rofl:

What are you saying?

Orange man do good.

You listed to the news. Need we say anymore?

Danger, danger, danger: rampant Obama derangement syndrome.

Nope I did not like Obamanation for seven years. The first year I tried to withhold my opinion. did I ever think he should be removed from office? No I respected the office of president.

It is a pity that the current incumbent didn’t respect the office of president of the USA. If he had, he would not have become the 3rd USA president to be impeached.

Sometimes I check under my bed before I go to sleep to make sure there aren’t any leftists hiding there.