Iran is not Trump's fault

Except for threads on here. Blaming Trump.


Yet it’s Trump’s fault the airliner went down according to you. Who’s deranged?

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Not I.

:joy: good one!

I don’t know about the news.

There were people here blaming Trump.

As an example.

Can you provide an example of this “pushed narrative” is this just a reflex reaction of “mainstream media biased” regardless of what they say?

Absolutely not Trump’s fault… the current situation probably traces back to the CIA’s move (under Eisenhower) to overthrow Prime Minister Mossadegh, who was the best hope for secular government in Iran but not pro-American enough for CIA tastes. That led to the imposition of the Shah, who was never accepted by the Iranian people, who welcomed the clerics as a local response to this foreign imposition. Rule by the clerics has been largely disastrous, of course.

So it took a lot of cooks to make the awful stew which Donald Trump is sticking his toe into.

The Mossedegh affair was a tad more complex than laid out here.

The Americans at first blamed the British for the fight over the oil companies and weren’t supportive.

Only after internal politics raised alarm that Mossedegh was going to have to curry favor with a pro-USSR faction in Iran did the US act.

All true, but the upshot of the imposition, by the US, of a foreign dictator whom the Iranian people never accepted.

But the underlying point is that Trump hardly initiated the issues in Iran on his own watch. He inherited a history stretching back to when he was a small child.

I would like to see a video clip of one news “castor” saying that.


Sec of Defense didn’t see the intel on Iran. Weird, right?

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Of course not

Blaming the airliner shootdown on Trump? Perhaps, but the claim I responded to was that newscasters all over the place were specifically blaming Trump for said shoot down. It’s not true.

Okay. I was responding directly to the claim that newscasters were blaming it on Trump. I have not seen that at all.

He also ■■■■■■ up any progress that had been made recently by tearing up the nuke deal.


This is my surprised face.

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Esper doesn’t seem to really be in the loop on anything in the ME atm.

I agree with you there, though most of the posters here will applaud any action that undoes Obama’s Presidency. Trump greatly weakened America’s position with Iran because he ignored the allies who had participated with Obama in the creation of the deal. None of them wanted to exit and so those who had been our allies found themselves siding with Iran at that point.