Investment Advice and Suggestons

Is it permitted to have an Investing Advice thread here at Hannity?

If so, anyone have any opinion on Fundrise? I’ve got a wee bit invested with them. I’m wondering if I should add to it, quickly, so I can purchase more shares when their IPO is launched in a couple of weeks

What are the pros and cons of investing money versus saving it?

Yes it is. I’ve moved this to the “economy” subcategory.

Lately I’m more focused on paying off debts (not just unsecured loans, but mortgage and car loan too) than on pumping more into investments.

When this nation’s house of cards built on debt collapses, I don’t want to get sucked into the vortex.

This is advice anyone should follow, paying off debt and having an “emergency fund” are preconditions to investing.

With the major exception of a mortgage.

I’m not familiar with them. Looks like some type of real estate investing?

Don’t bother with that. I will give a URL and an explanation when I am on a computer with working internet. On phone right now

Thanks, appreciate it!

Yes, they are a “crowdfunding” Real estate company.

I’ve only got a wee amount - $1,000! - invested in them, because I wasn’t sure if they were legit. I’m making more money on that then I am in a savings account, but not as much as I’d hoped. But then, with only $1,000 invested…not a surprise!

I’m reluctant to invest more until I get more input from people who’ve also invested or who have opinions, like Safiel.

Good idea. I’m also trying to be ready for that day!

And that’s one knock against real estate, I think - if it’s in a poor part of a town, an owner is SOL.

So even though these folks supposedly invest in high-end things in high-end neighborhoods, I’m leery of it.

On the other hand…if it is a good thing, I’d like to get in on the ground floor!

I would take “saving” money to be low risk and low paying investments…savings accounts, treasury notes, savings bonds.
I take investments meaning higher risk with greater possibility of return (and loss) like stocks.

I have always kept fairly close to half savings and half investings. My investments have been made a little at a time over the past 30+ years or so. That way I avoid a disaster if I put everything in at the same time.

Obviously, knowing the past 30 years, I wish I had put everything into investments. But since I don’t know the next 30 years (or that portion of them that will be relevant to me) I would still make my investments a little at a time.

Seems to have paid off well enough.

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Buy low, sell high.

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Dang…I wish I had thought of that.

It is the full extent of investment advice that I’m qualified to give.

The thread asked, I answered.

In your opinion, is there a threshold of money put into savings each month that negates the need for riskier investments?

It depends on what your goals are. If you make enough money to put it all into low return but safe savings and are happy with the likely lesser results, then fine.
If you are making investments for a long term goal like retirement, then…well the longer the time frame the more different the result will be from your rate of return.
Barring an upcoming world economic loss (I don’t know how you would prepare for that) I would think you would do better with at least some riskier investments. Shorter the term, the less compelling and the greater the possibility you could take a hit.
Its a matter of what your temperament can take, what your long term goals are, and what time frame you are talking about.
Vague enough?

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when people ask me for investing advice i always ask them a couple of question.

  1. do yo have a 6 month emergency cushion built up. If you lost your job tomorrow could you survuve 6 months without another one.
    If the answer is no then you need to build up that cushion before investing

  2. what is your tolerance for risk. If you invested in something and it lost 20% overnight what effect would it have on you? could you handle it psychologically. if the answer is no then you need to stick to safer investments,

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Read that link before you proceed any further. It lists out the negatives and downsides of the crowdfunding approach in general, for Fundrise and for similar companies.

I agree with the author.

While you are not likely to get killed or wiped out with this, neither are you likely to do exceptionally well. I personally would skip on this.

But DEFINITELY read that link before you proceed, you do need to be informed of the downsides before you make any investment.

Clear as muddy water, but I get the gist of it. lol

I suppose I’ll just stick to savings for now. I’m at a point in life where I can comfortably put 20% of my monthly income away and still go about my daily routine.

Since I think we are due for a recession soon, if you’re not already in the investment market it might not be a bad idea to hold off until the pendulum swings back up - the tricky bit always being trying to time the upswing. If you’re already in the market you can likely weather a downturn, but if you’re just looking at entering I’m not sure this would be the time :slight_smile: