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I have large position in T and 12 months expenses in high yield savings getting about 2%. I think we are a year or so away from a big crash, I dont like parabolic indexes that start to get volatile at the top. Plus, CAT has been a big leading indicator the last few crashes

T meaning treasury bonds?

Anyone have an opinion on US Savings Bonds?

They’re great for savings, even though the interest paid really sucks.

My sister and her husband both put in 20 years in the Air Force and bought at least one $25 savings bond a month. (It was probably more, increased when they had their son over ten years ago).

Over the course of 20 years they accumulated quite a few, which paid for quite a lot of things when they cashed them in.

Of course they also invested in other things, but I guess they used the savings bonds as their savings account…

I generally don’t try to predict too much…but the last purchase of a new company stock I made was in 2013. I don’t predict the economy but I do recognize unusually high PE’s.
But even now I do reinvestments on some of my stocks…about 50% of the dividends are reinvested on a handful of stocks.

Thanks for that article. Very interesting reading.

It’s that lack of liquidity that had me worried.

I wish I’d done better research before I got involved in the first place, but I believed the hype on their website.

I won’t be investing any more than I already have!

I use Marcus bank it is at 2.15% interest rate and 2.35% on their one year cd’s. They are a few other with slightly higher rates all are online.

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I know many don’t like to hear this but it’s looking the yellow stuff is making a strong comeback which usually isn’t a good sign for other investments let’s hope it’s just a trend.

The Dow Jones has average 5.42% over its lifetime.7.55% since '87. neither of theses include dividends. If you have 20 years or so to go buying a total market index fund or ETF would a be a good way to invest. As you get older, transferring more into bonds for less risk is a good idea. Totlal market index funds are cheap and well diversified.

Here is good place to star leaning how to invest savings. You don’t need an advisor…their fees kill you.

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T meaning ATT whose stock symbol is T


Shows how much I know about stocks. :wink:


It’s a massive field of study…I’ve been trading for about 4-5 years swing trading and know some technical and fundamental analysis but still feel like I know nothing. The more I trade the more I like buy and hold…over trading and speculating can be bad…patience on the other hand.

Having said that I’m a billionaire in my hindsight account

I have some money in a publically traded REIT. Looks like that one author was not to high on the whole crowd funding real estate space. I’m by no means an expert on the real estate space. Part of my strategy is investing in solid companies that pay dividends ATT, Verizon, P&G, J&J, Apple, GM, etc.

REITs can be a good way to diversify, but I would in an ETF or MF.

With AZ on the boglehead train.

A book like this is a good place to start:

“solid companies” can become “unsolid.”

I am not sure were allowed to throw in some company names but and REIT that has been very good to me is ARI - it is yielding 10.3% its trading around $18 a share and the worst it got was $12 during the peak of the great recession. I also like Nokia which has a decent dividend and is my pick (maybe risky) for the 5G play. I picked Barrick mining (Gold) a few months ago as gold was rising for some good gains.

Some stinkers was TSLA and BIDU, still holding both but they both have performed bad over the last few quarters.

ATT seems like a good investment at this point with the dividend, I am out of APPL, MSFT, and AMZN for the time being. I made my small fortune on NFLX but I wouldn’t recommend it now as I bought it when it was around $35 in 2013.

Nokia I am hoping will triple the gain it is a right now at $5.00 a share.

I used to be long JNJ but it seems a bit risky now with all the lawsuits from talcum powder to opioids, I have been long an international pharmaceutical that has a nice dividend Glaxo smith and Kline.

A good ETF for dividends is Vanguards VYM.

The six months emergency cash is good advice it’s sad to think something like 40% of Americans don’t have a savings account.

Above all my financial advisor recommendation was pay off all your debts. I have been working on that part non stop even when it hurts not to be putting that money in investments.

Absolutely agree, GE is a prime example of that. They have to be able to evolve their business model with the times.

everybody is a genius in an up market. “Hope” is not investment analysis.

“Hope,” uninformed by knowledge or experience, is not an investment analysis.

But it sounds like Hexenbiest has some knowledge and experience here on which to base his hope for the performance of one stock.

And I can afford $5 a share!