Interesting Portents of Shifting Alliances - Hispanicos & Black Nation

I’m surprised he didn’t smack her. She hasn’t learned about consequences yet. She thinks she’s immune.

LOL the OBiden clown show has prohibited “Christian art” during an Easter Egg hunt at the WH?



I think it was on the table with the grandfather.

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Sounds familiar


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“Religious Art”. It’s right there in the damn headline.

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It’s the egg people doing the contest and they been using the same legal disclaimer for over 40 years Including the last admin…

American Egg Board President and CEO Emily Metz represents America’s egg farmers. She told Fox News Digital after publication of this article that for the past 47 years they’ve partnered with the White House. Metz stated, “I think it’s important to know that everything we do from a marketing and promotion standpoint, because we are a check off, we have very strict guidelines under the USDA.”

She added, “We all have to follow kind of guidelines, which essentially, number one, we can’t discriminate against any other commodity…. We can’t go out there and say, ‘hey, pork is awful and we only should only get eggs.’ We have to be very, clear about that. We also can promote one type of egg over the other type of egg. So we have to be, excuse the pun, egg-nostic. And we also, most importantly, can’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual identity, any of that.”

Metz insisted, “So when we say, can’t be overtly religious, we just can’t be seen to be promoting one religion over the other, the same way we can’t be seen to be promoting one political viewpoint or ideology over the other. We have to be totally neutral in everything we do and have it just be focused on egg promotion and marketing activities. And this is obviously a huge opportunity for us to showcase the incredible eggs in a really fun and unique way.”

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Transgender Day of Visibility

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Are trannys invisible the rest of the year?

Nope there everywhere. I wonder though
if there wasn’t another date available rather than Easter Sunday.

Only when their faux “records” get smashed by a man. :rofl:

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They’re not hiding in Australia

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what date was it last year? the year before? in 2017? what about next year and the year after?

What about Halloween it’s more fitting


Excellent idea. Much more fitting.

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Retraction notice:

Following the publication of this article, the Daily Caller became aware of additional context that undercut the central assertion of this article and its newsworthiness. The ban of religious symbolism on eggs as part of the White House Easter egg art contest has been longstanding, dating back decades, and the Biden administration did not make any modifications to this rule. While the Caller did not explicitly state at any point that the rule was new, this additional context rendered the main thrust of the article misleading to readers, who could reasonably have come to the conclusion that the rule was new.

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obviously she doesnt know my coworker, makes 150 a year, no degree, just treasure trove of telecom experience. worked for Ghana Telecom (vodafone. ghana) making peanuts 20 years ago. immigrated to the United states in 2006, became a citizen in 2013.


that’s ghana be hard to top :trophy:



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Curious if it has ever been enforced before now or differently between administrations?