Interesting choice

For first person (Rod The Weasel Rosenstein) to testify before the senate hearings on Russian collusion scandal.


What are you thinking?

Is this happening? Please tell me this is happening?! Got a link?

I think he’s going to sing. Keep in mind he knows everything…and that he might have already been singing behind the scene and thus he has immunity.

Just thinking out loud here. IMO they’re using him to set everything up against “others”.

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If they get Strzok, I’m happy.


What are we expecting to find out that we don’t already know?

Oh yes. I bet he will be one of last one…if he testify at all.

If they’re under grand jury behind the scene they may not have to talk to senate.

Not sure if they can be forced into testify if they’re being investigated.

I’ll leave that to @Safiel to answer…or someone else to explain it.

Ohh I can’t wait!

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Lindsey Graham heads this committee. I don’t think he would be doing this if he thought it could hurt Trump.

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I am just curious as to what new things we are going to learn?

Is this a hail mary Benghazi like thing to attack President Obama?

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Well, I think we know most of the information. I think it’s absolutely vital that someone pays the price for what was done. A political party paid for information from Russians that turned out to be false and used that information to get a FISA warrant to spy on the other party’s campaign. They then used the SAME information to investigate a sitting President for years, KNOWING it was false. I don’t give a damn WHICH party is which, that cannot stand without someone paying the price. There’s dirty politics and there’s treason. This is treason in my opinion. Why the distinction? Using government resources to try to unseat an elected official goes well beyond dirty. Hell, Democrats wanted to impeach Trump over asking for an investigation on corruption based off of a damn PHONE CALL. I think it’s very clear that they will try anything to unseat him and I suspect it’s because they’re terrified that stuff like the FISA warrant was going to come out. Put him on the defense and any prosecutions can be spun to look like retribution.


Whew. Well good thing none of that stuff happened that way.


Take your head out of the sand Ostrich man.


Nah man.

There are multiple errors in your post.

I mean what you described would terrible if it actually happened that way. But it didn’t. So it’s not.

Hey, it’s your lie, tell it like you want.

Well it appears ■■■■ just might get deeper.

It seems Barr had ask U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas John Bash to looking into unmasking before and after 2016 election.

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Do you think any heads should roll? Or are you reserving judgement until all the evidence is in?

What a stupid question.

At the time Rosenstein decided to increase the scope of the investigation outside of Russian collusion, I said he’s a part of the swamp. As time has gone by, it’s emerged even more clearly…he is the swamp. If he can be prosecuted for misconduct, I hope he gets tried? If that happens, I have no doubt he’ll be convicted. Drip, drip, drip…