Insider leaks trump’s private schedule

Donald tweets with all the sophistication of a Dick & Jane novel.


We could use a little more of Jimmy Carter’s positive attitude these days. As for his presidency, he beats the crap out of Trump.

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Unforgivable laziness, self-absorption, incuriousness, and any private company would have fired him in a New York minute.

This is the silver-spooned elitist attitude.

He only raised the rents of white people though.

Until he was forced to rent to non-whites.

Remember when Trump said there was way too much work to be doing as President to take time off? I guess that’s what he’s doing with all that “executive time.”

His employees really seem to hate him.

I can’t imagine why. :rofl:

The con man in the White House is the laziest president we’ve ever had.

Golfs, eats fast food, watches tv and takes taxpayer funded vacations.

That sounds like my schedule. I thought I was lazy. It turns out I’m as busy as a president.

Better go rest now.


Trump just reacts to stuff. No thinking, no prep. Just waits for something to happen and then tweets something he pulls out of his ass based on his gut feeling of what will be popular. Unquestionably the worst president in history.

So, we have no idea what “executive time” means, and basically it is the same as “miscellaneous”:. Was this secret “leak” from the onion?

Leak was valid enough that Sanders made an official WH comment.

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And her comment was just about as informative as the “leak”.
The leak revealed almost nothing about how he spent his time, likely because the “leaker” had no idea.

The question was “was this secret leak from the onion?” It is not.

But…it could have been. The obvious point was that it was a useless leak that gave no information.

That’s what’s so bizarre about Trump supporters. They don’t recognize that trump is a spoiled elitist who was given a fortune by his father, He has literally NOTHING in common with his supporters, unless you count a penchant for misinformation and hyperbole. He’s using them every day of the week to feed his own ego, and they’re too dumb to know it.


Not useless information, it verifies that fat donald is one lazy bastard.


It told you most days executive time lasts until about 10AM when the schedule starts listing actual activities that have names other than ‘executive time’.

So he’s a late starter and Fox & Friends isn’t over till 9.

So my question is this: If you’ve gone through the trouble of getting the alleged e-mails. And you want it out about how allegedly lazy Trump is.

Why the hell do you give the info to a third rate internet only news place???

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