Insider leaks trump’s private schedule

A WH leaker (Kelyann?) has leaked nearly every day of Fat donald’s private schedule for the past three months and he’s spent around 60% of that time in “Executive time.”
Anyone have any idea what the hell “Executive time” entails? Watching Fox News? Tweeting?

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders emailed this statement : “President Trump has a different leadership style than his predecessors and the results speak for themselves.”

Fat donald’s never had to work a hard day in his life.


That email shows that Sanders can actually be truthful once in a while.


Executive time is Fox News watching and tweeting.


Sobbing onto a plate of microwaved chicken mcnuggets as he watches Fox News and thinks of ways to avoid his family going to prison.


If that’s leadership style, I’d like to know what it was called under other presidents.

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Probably both. While sitting on the throne.

Plus hair and makeup.

Fat donald just tweeted this. :rofl:
Gov’t shutdown? Who cares!

I expect to see Tiger missing from the final rounds again now that he has Donald’s endorsement.

That was the first thing that popped into my mind too.

Who says posters here don’t have an influence. You can’t watch for eight years and not notice trends.

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Funny how golfing used to contribute to the destruction of America.

Many posters seemed to have evolved on the topic. Including Trump (cue Trump tweets badmouthing Obama’s golfing).


One poster used to call Obama “King Putt”. They were always railing on Obama going golfing.

Too bad that poster isn’t here to call Trump “King Putt”. Wait, that poster would actually be on here claiming that Presidents deserve some time off.


Laziest President Ever. Another record broken!


One ardent Republican poster on the old board once said that Obama deserves racial hate/slurs on Twitter because only an ignorant idiot would ever have a Twitter account, much less use it.

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Too bad the old board is not readily accessible, cause a lot of the anger and hatred towards Obama over silly things like Twitter and golfing certainly would not fare well with Trump in charge.

There was a poster recently, called Archivist, who posted some stuff from the old board. Dunno where that poster went. It was fun to see how some posters have shifted positions solely based on who is in the White House.

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With all that “executive time,” it’s probably about time for another vacation.

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Donald is a lazy arse know nothing. His idea of work is watching Fox and Friends.

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Of course Jimmy Carter was known as a micromanager who spent long hours in the White House.

That did not help his performance.

Jimmy also builds houses for people while trump just raised their rents and committed tax fraud…

So…awesome point!