Inner city schools are facing declining enrollment

I missed nothing.

I know where you stand on homeschooling. Some people don’t agree with you. Many people make is work regardless of their situation. Others continue to put road blocks in their way because Heaven forbid parents make their own choices about schooling options instead of the State.

Why? What do they do during summer vacation?

I have no ideological issue with homeschooling. For the people who can afford to do so and want control of what their children learn… it seems like a good alternative.

But it’s simply not a reality for a large majority of kids. Two working parents are almost a must everywhere in this country.

Why what?

It’s not something for just “the rich”.

Anyone can homeschool nowadays with the internet and parent coops.

Sure, not just for the rich.

But definitely only for the homes who can afford to only have 1 income and afford to pay for a coop/tutor/etc.

I have nothing against it. I am just not pretending it’s for everyone. I can’t look the inner city kids I mentor in the eyes and say “homeschool is the solution”. Public school is their only option.

It’s the being at home part that’s the bigger issue.

Boys and girls club. Ymca. Grandmas house. Older brother/sister at home watching them. Worse case, staying at home by themselves.

They can do that.

Then they are screwed.

And that’s okay.

Here’s an article pertaining to LAUSD:

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After my oldest son wasted a year learning nothing in Kindergarten in a public school, I taught both him and his brother to read over the summer in just a few weeks with some phonics flash cards I bought on Ebay. If I didn’t raise them by myself I’m convinced I could have given them a far superior education if I was able to homeschool. Too much time is wasted on behavior modification and conditioning in the government schools.

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I think it’s used interchangeably if mistakenly with slum.

Here’s more on what’s happening:


IMO…this is one more ripple of the Fauci ■■■■ ups. When will his activities regarding “chain of function” research that he initiated, that escaped from a lab and killed millions of people around the world and cost us all trillions of dollars be truly investigated and he be held accountable?

Let’s put it this way, I went to a cruddy public school in a poor area, dropped out in ninth grade. And I missed over a hundred days that year. A few years later I studied for a week and got my GED.


IMO, that’s a good thing. Folks want their children to be educated and prepared for adulthood. Public schools aren’t doing that job anymore.

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Good work!

You earned the diploma without such nonsense course requirements as “health”, which now includes such nonsense as new genders and pronouns.