Inner city schools are facing declining enrollment

This is something that has popped up before so apparently it seems to be a growing trend:

I read something similar regarding LA as well, not sure how widespread this is nationwide? Regarding the reasons:

The pandemic accelerated enrollment declines in many districts as families switched to homeschooling, charter schools and other options. Still other students moved away or vanished from school rolls for unknown reasons.

We also know that during the BLM riots there were many people who moved out of the inner cities during those times. The switch to a remote work force in certain industries I’m sure contributed to this as well.


That’s the reason. :+1:

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That’s clearly one of the reasons. There was an exodus of people who moved out of the inner cities as well.

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Of course, most that stay do so because they have little choice. You couldn’t give me free room and board to get me to live there.

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It looks like NY is being impacted too.

Rich families

In inner cities?

Are you serious? Some of the most expensive real estate is in inner cities. High rise condos often sit right next to low income developments and/or neighborhoods

Well … that, yes. But they’ve also been aborting the next generation for decades. Today’s millennials have some of the greatest childless percentages in our nation’s history. So with a diminished school-age population to begin with, then yes, the growing homeschooling movement is going to have a bigger impact.


Yes, I’m serious. Wealthy people send their kids to inner city public schools?

They do in San Diego


Home schooling couldn’t possibly be any worse than public schools, although I will admit I didn’t see the latter in a negative light until around middle school. I’m tired, though, of candy asses using COVID-19 as an excuse to isolate kids, in particular, when they don’t make up anywhere near a majority of patients.

Some of the biggest candy asses who “just couldn’t give THAT to my kids :scream: don’t mind killing the rest of us with their B O, or leaving for six months the eligible blood donor pool for their kids by getting more tattoos, or sticking jewelry in various orifices, but gotta protect the kiddies from a virus that doesn’t affect them often.

And I’m not talking about inner city parents

Not all of them of course but some do.

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Yeah we have condos whose HOA monthlies will stand the hair on end of the average person. They include numerous amenities, like swimming pools, but the average homebuyer would freak out if they saw that charge.

And they’re near the hospital in the rough and tumble part of our county seat. Maybe the docs buy ‘em for a nice place close to work.

I think this is the biggest reason.

The child raising generation does not want kids and there are so few kids today. All schools are in decline in enrollment.

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As long as the reason is good chartered schools or qualified home schooling, fine. Before writing an article on this I would have thought a little research on this would have been warranted. To the extent they just drop out…not fine.

uhhh yes!

I think we need to align on what inner city means. But if it means downtown… then those are million dollar condos/apartments.

I think of Los Angeles… Beverly Hills is technically “inner city” just like Compton and Inglewood.

…I question the qualifications of the teacher.