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A pay per mile program to make it too expensive to drive a car!
■■■■ them.

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If repugs vote for this…I’m going to advocate all Conservatives not to vote in 2022.

Let libs ■■■■ it all up with out repugs help.

The goal of all dem politicians is to find an infinite number of ways they can tax the middleclass out of existence.


A use tax? I thought conservatives supported that?

The Progressive left wants to ban car ownership, among many other things, all in the name of climate change. Granted, they won’t win elections if they actually say this out loud. Most people would never, ever vote for Democrats if they actually knew what type of “utopia” they have planned.

Since most road infrastructure is funded by gas taxes and if automobiles are moving towards electric…. How does one fund road infrastructure in the future?

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Quite the conundrum the “proggie left” has created isn’t it?


I don’t see it as a conundrum.

The legislation is establishing a pilot program to see if such a funding scheme will work.

It is either that or way more toll roads.

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How about only a per mile tax on Electric vehicles? A lesser amount per mile tax on hybrids (gas and electric). And gas vehicles just continue to pay the gas tax?

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I would have no problem with that.

The OP though… it is just ginning up outrage.

I’ll take the toll roads over some future Squad member deciding how many miles I’m permitted to drive.


Ahh. So made up grievance.

Got ya.

Lol. It was the Republicans who added it.

The sole factor binding them together is opposition to Biden’s corporate tax hike. Capito called it a “non-negotiable red line,” and other Republicans like Sens. John Cornyn of Texas and Susan Collins of Maine agreed they wouldn’t budge.

Instead, they are suggesting potential user-fees a set of charges levied on the users of a federal service or good, such as raising the federal gas tax. User-fees have the support from the Chamber of Commerce, a powerful business group.

"My own view is that the pay-for ought to come from people who are using it. So if it’s an airport, the people who are flying," Sen. Mitt Romney told reporters on Wednesday. "If it’s a port, the people who are shipping into the port; if it’s a rail system, the people who are using the rails; If it’s highways, it ought to be gas if it’s a gasoline-powered vehicle."

That could shift the financial burden of an infrastructure overhaul from companies onto people, Kevin DeGood, an infrastructure expert at the liberal-leaning Center for American Progress, told Insider. It has triggered intense resistance among Democrats.


Doesn’t a gas tax do that today?

See use tax is a conservative idea


I won’t be paying it.

Oh yeah.

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn suggested last month that a 25-cent tax be imposed on every mile driven by heavy trucks to raise $33 billion a year – about as much as the fuel tax.

Sam Graves of Missouri, the top Republican on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has argued a VMT could easily be implemented by using a formula assessed at the gas pump similar to how the fuel tax is paid.

Do it democrats! Make a new mileage tax on everyone & see how fast you lose the next election. Do it!

That would make sense, electric are avoiding the fuel tax.

its a pilot program not a national program.