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Progressives clearly wish to discourage private transportation in the name of climate change - not exactly a new idea either.

No its not. The transportation fuel tax could be increased much more easily. (No self-reporting like a mileage tax would require.) Given that the Federal fuel tax (18.4 cents) has not increased since '94 when the pretax price of gas was under 95 cents per gallon, they could raise it to 50 cents per gallon and it would still be a smaller percentage of the pretax price than it was in '94.

Sorry … Too logical.

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Me too. There is no way they could set up toll points on every road.

Only if they don’t have to pay for it. People will always vote to raise others taxes to pay for their goodies. Regardless of party.

Better stop driving to stick it to the government gas tax that has existed 1919.

19 State charge people a yearly fee for owning an electric car.

As they should. Transportation taxes are supposed to be to compensate the State for wear and tear the vehicles have on the roads. Electric cars in States with no mileage tax or annual fee are getting a free ride.

So you’re in favor of increasing taxes. All righty then.

I’m in favor of the people who use the roads the most, pay the most to use them.

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If I said, “no comprende”…would Dems still charge me?

It’s for commercial vehicles. Not regular cars.

Jeez read the bill.



You are aware that goobermint “pilot programs” like taxes are never rescinded correct?

This is being pushed by Republicans. This not a Democrat proposal. See above. I guess the Republicans should be worried next election.

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Dems are against it. This is a Republican idea. Ask them.

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Wasn’t that added by conservatives?

…and there’s only 17 of them…correct? So then since there are more Dems than Rs, they won’t pass it?

Yeah… Dems just want to tax the ■■■■ out of gas for their climate change agenda. Make the people suffer.

Lol. Bipartisan committee is made to pass the infrastructure bill. Republicans refuse to raise corporate taxes to pay for road infrastructure. Republicans say the only way they’ll pass the bill is to raise gas taxes and start a usage tax program. Democrats are against it but have no option. Bill passes and the Democrats are blamed for agreeing to the Republican proposal. That’s how it works?


When I sign my name to something, I’ve signed my approval and yes, that’s how it works but lemme guess, in your’s, this is different?