Inflation Surged 8.6% Over The Last Year - Fastest Since 1981

Inflation with no end in sight.
6 million jobs short of where we should be.
Bubbles are popping.
More supply disruptions on the way this summer.

Are you better off than you were 2 years ago?
Is this all partially your fault?



That might be inflation of the money supply but that number sounds really low with the price of consumer goods. Maybe the sellers are gouging much higher than the rate of inflation. I’m not an economist so I don’t know how they arrive at these figures.

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But at least we still don’t have the tweets.


Eat less meat and fish, walk instead of driving…and you don’t need all those things that you have…so buy less ■■■■■


They are stuck on Trump today (harder than normal), pushing that insurrection claptrap. Go figure, right? :wink:


How’s it feel living in a democrat created third world country…

Go drop $60k on a Tesla you’ll feel much better!


Are you better off today than you were prior to Biden?

I’m working harder and longer and making less.

What Biden and the left have done to America is unforgivable…the lying out of touch frauds on the left need to be decimated…


Blame Biden but let’s not pretend this inflation and economic condition is because of Biden’s last two years in office.

This economic turmoil was headed our way regardless of who was going to end up being President and there is little a President could do to change that.

But I will agree had it been Trump in office the left would be howling at Trump.

Offense is so much easier

Keep telling yourself that.


If these economic pressures were simply domestic you would have a point but they are not.

Inflation did not simply rise in 2 years because Biden…that’s just stupid

I can always tell who has studied economics and who hasn’t when I read threads like this. There are so many factors that go into a measurement like inflation - yet there are always those who want to compress things down to very few (or in this case 1) variable. I knew inflation was going to start ramping up a few years ago. There was a global pandemic, which in turn caused decreased demand and labor shortages. Then there were governments trying to ease the strain with monetary policy. And that doesn’t even factor in the factors outside the global pandemic.

This was inevitable. Economies can only handle so much strain before they start to show signs of the strain. That is what we are seeing now.

But, hey - go ahead and try to oversimplify things by blaming one factor (in this case, a person). It just shows a lack of understanding of how economics works.


Sounds like someone attempting to divert blame.


Stop whining and buy an EV


But it didn’t. It headed towards Brandon.

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Thanks for demonstrating my point so well.

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All true but the reality is the occupant of the WH at the time of economic prosperity or economic nightmare gets the credit of blame regardless.

Trump is an enviable position because he can say this would not have happened under my second term.

Being in opposition is always easier and at times preferable.

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Some of what you say is true, but any rational economist can see that the Biden administration has exacerbated the problem.

Here are a couple of quotes straight from “the horse’s mouth” that illustrate part of the reason why we are in the mess we are in.

OCT2020 - In the final moments of Thursday night’s primetime showdown in Nashville, Mr Trump asked his challenger: “Would you close down the oil industry?”

“I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” responded Mr Biden, adding, “because the oil industry pollutes significantly”.

NOV2021 - Jen Psaki: “No economist out there is projecting that (the Build Back Better bill) will have a negative impact on inflation.”

Biden is exactly the wrong President to be in office and at the worst possible time to deal with the inflation crisis. And, democrats will be rightfully slaughtered in November because of it.


Biden has not shut down the oil industry and the Build Back Better plan died in Congress.

Other than that it is spot on.


BBB died because one Democrat senator killed it. Otherwise, inflation would likely be 2-3 points higher.

Oil industry future investments and production have decreased due Biden anti-oil industry policy. To wit:

“Industry associations object to Biden’s executive orders, arguing that they will deter investment, kill jobs, reduce state revenues, and shift oil and gas production to other countries.”

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Glad that we can agree that Build Back Better is not adding to inflation

The oil companies are lying.

They are seeing record profits right now and the domestic oil rig count has been steadily climbing since the bottom fell out on prices during the pandemic

The last thing the oil companies want is to not pollute anymore. That is why they lobby so hard and swear that without them and the sweet sweet subsidies and lack of regulation that they enjoy that the economy will tank.

It keeps people fearful of transitioning away from making them a ■■■■ ton of money.

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