Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

New Indy film drops new title and a teaser trailer!

Regardless of what anyone says about the last film, I’m still excited for this.

I want this to be good but …….

Spielberg and Lucas aren’t really involved in this one. It’s written by “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Logan” screen writers. Directed by James Mangold, who’s got a lot of great movies under his belt. If it makes you feel any better…

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Definitely gives me a much warmer and fuzzy feeling now.



What do you mean? Last Crusade was quite good.


There were a few articles recently about the test screenings being a complete mess.

As someone who believes Raiders of the Lost Ark may be the Best Movie Ever Made, and…

Really hated the last one…

I’m hoping, fingers crossed, that this one sends it off on the right note.

But expectations have been lowered.

I have to say, this makes me a lot more optomistic than I was before I read this post.

Logan was exceptionally good.

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Logan was one of the best superhero movies made.

In the top five.

I’ve yet to see an Indiana Jones movie that I didn’t like from start to finish. God bless that man.


Swear it would have been better with one change, Shai LaBeouf. It wasn’t the aliens.

I agree! I dug the aliens angle. I would have also made Marion a little more rugged. She pretty much just sat around smiling at Indy. But… the story was pretty cool I thought.

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Mangold survived MeToo, I guess.

Oh, hell yeah! :metal:

I love this franchise.

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I didn’t mind Shia in the movie.

I did mind surviving the nuclear blast by being in a lead lined fridge.

I have actually liked Shia in everything I have seen him in.

Yea, that was the part that annoyed me too.

I had an easier time believing that than his portrayal of Fonzie.

That was my favorite part of the whole movie. lol


We are talking about a series where an arc was opened and turned everyone to dust except the two who didn’t look at it.