India has decriminalized homosexuality

Do you know how CDC defines “MSM sex”? That is what I mentioned.

Uhhhhh. Ok? I’m unaware of this stigma of talking about HIV and being labeled a homophobe. I talk about HIV all the time and no one has ever called me a bigot.

Of course it’s a major health issue for the LGBTQ community. They know that. Maybe you shouldn’t use that health issue as some sort of judgement on their sexuality. Just a thought.

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Given the rape problems they have in India getting upset about gay sex is stupid.

So you have data showing the link between decriminalization of homosexuality and an increase in HIV diagnoses, or are you just bloviating?

A third of MSM participants in India have heterosexual partners as well. Those girls are at risk for more than rape.

BTW… homosex was decriminalized in 2009. It was recriminalized in 2013.

They aren’t homosexuals.

The frantic and desperate bloviating is all yours.
I already said we will have to wait and see.

It does not change with legalization. It means guys may not have to hide their orientation by having sex with women.

@mwevans1234 will want to see data to back up that assertion.

Actually … you said:

“Great. India can now add rampant HIV to their list of problems.”

Did you know India legalized homosexual sex which is not limited to MSM.

Do I need to draw a venn diagram for you?

So you have nothing to support your assertion that this will cause rampant HIV beyond “well I dunno we’ll just wait and see, hyuck hyuck”

If you have nothing else to add, feel free to go away.

You have posted nothing to back up an assertion that it will not increase HIV in the country.
I suppose you might be trying to hide the correlation between HIV and MSM in hopes that more MSM will die. I am highlighting a potential problem. You are hiding it. Why?

Why would I need that?

Does this mean Raj and Howard can come out?

Just because a court ruled in favor of it does not mean beatings and torture will stop.

Sad but true. Islam can be cruel and brutal. Am I right?

Sex with a newspaper?

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