Inconsiderate of Biden supporters

Anyway I went to home depot look at their beadboard. I parked my vehicles in standard parking space and proceeded to walk into the store when this little Subaru outback rushed in front of large pickup with trailer to take the pro-parking spot that was for large trucks and trailers. Not only did this idiot taken the spot but he parked his ass end into other parking space…basically taking up two spots.

The guy in truck parked behind him, this guy came back to his vehicle to grab his mask…we thought he was coming back to move his vehicle.

The guy with Truck a trailer just looked at the guy as he walked away into the store.

I went into the store to check on material and walked out…he had small idem in his hand as he was placing into his little car…I said you must be a Biden supporter, he said he was…then ask why I knew. I said only Biden supporting idiots would take up two parking spaces that was design for contractors and working people. Sign said right there pro parking for large trucks and trailers.

He said ■■■■ you to me.

I said typical inconsiderate lib.

Well that’s my rant for the day.


That’s a story alright. You think…only a Biden supporter would take two spaces? How is this possible.

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Did you find any good bead board?

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Not really…It’s for backing on entertainment center. Just might make it up myself.

And then I told him “Well, the jerk store called, and they’re all out of you!”


Make sure you have good airflow.

I messed that up once and wrecked a fairly nice receiver because it overheated.

I am sorry this terrible thing happened to you. :frowning:



All parking spots matter!


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Didn’t happen to me this time, I just happen to say something to that idiot. But ■■■■■■■■ with their little lib car/vehicle taking up spaces that was meant for large working trucks/tradesmen.

Should gone all Antifa on em.

Again, what?

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I get it. I have a son in a wheelchair. I cannot tell you how many times tagless ■■■■■■■■ park in the spots or park in the extra space with the diagonal lines.

This makes me wanna cry.

TVs and stuff are getting so big and so cheap I don’t know that I’d ever want to have a fixed entertainment center. My house is about 20 years old and the built in entertainment center is tiny, so now it’s a bookcase with way too many electrical outlets. I just run everything on open stands.

I hadn’t planned on getting a new TV for awhile but man those OLEDs at Costco are looking GOOD.

(Apologies in advance for your son…this went through my head…I had to post it).


Yep. Funny ting is I don’t mine walking unless I’m picking up bunch of material. I usually drive the jeep so it’s t a problem but when I have my 16ft box truck I need those spots that we designated for people like me…or for people like your son.

The car was probably sporting Goodyear tires, too, I bet.


THAT is one of the things that makes my blood boil.

I see people parking in handicap spots that can walk just fine into the store unassisted.

My mom (who has passed) had MS and really needed the tag. My step father (who also has passed) tried to park in handicap using her tag (unfortunate for him he was with me) and I ripped him a new one.

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You can tell a house designed in the 1990s by the big, deep cutout for that state of the art 30-in CRT TV.

Now all you need is a wall.

No … you said inconsiderite lib. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you were talking about a mineral with “inconciderite”.

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