Income equality. Where to start

How about this:

Rather than pay an actor 20 million for a movie, pay him the same rate as the camera man, the set designers and sound engineers. Equality.

Pay the star shortstop the same pay as the head groundskeeper. Equality.

Pay Cardi B the same amount as her makeup artist and costume designer. Equality.

You have never heard these suggestions before because you are obsessed with going after CEO’s. Why? Why should they get all the blame? Why do we let entertainers and liberal blowhards off the hook? Anybody?

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They can start by raising wages for low earners.

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They who?


The movie cameraman, set designers and sound engineers, baseball head groundskeeper, and Cardi’s makeup and style designers are not struggling in low wage jobs.


Unions and subsequent negotiation.

Who pays?

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Marginal tax rate increases apply to all job titles in that marginal rate.

Well that ends this thread

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Closing the income gap isn’t about making everyone earn the same income.

Massive thread fail


No? What’s it about?

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Who should decide what everyone makes? You?

Should there be a maximum income?

Society should set a minimum wage and create a humane safety net paid for via higher marginal rates


Jesus taught me that pursuit of wealth should take place over humanity’s welfare, so of course not

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Oh yea, and Democrats are going to take your farm land cuz China

Already did.

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Apparently some people make too much money.

Do you make more or less than I do?

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I see that. “Society” needs to take it.

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No one in this thread has said anything of the sort.

Why make things up?

Why do you keep saying “marginal”? What does that mean?

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