Incitement to Insurrection

its the perfect capstone end to his presidency. i doubt many fictions writers could have scribbed this one

Most likely

What is the crazy man going to do in the next 12 days?

We have a moment of time where the two sides are agreeing that what happened Wednesday is unacceptable. A little bit of agreement.

The impeachment process will only widen the gap that got slightly narrower.

But then again, the crazy man might do something really really bad crazy in the next 12 days.

Kabuki right up to the end! I love it!


Figured out why the cabinet quit?


It crossed my mind lol. As soon as they were announced.


Timing matters. 11 days and a wake up.

Wasting their time…but go for it. Spend what little political capital that libs have.


Has anyone challenged blanket pardons? That also seems wrong to me.

The day of libs reckoning is coming…libs have made sure of it.


Challenged on what grounds?

Dumbest thing they could possibly do.

I hope they hurry and get it done before the 20th.

On what grounds, The Constitution is clear, the president has complete authority over pardons.

Pardons should mention a crime.

Trump made a national address stating it was unacceptable and that the perp’s will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

What’s he supposed to do track them down and personally shoot them?

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There is no requirement for them to state any specific crime.

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Based on?

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I don’t think so. I don’t remember Carter having much trouble with it. Complaining maybe.

When they fail. :wink:

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Which, of course, was entirely believable.