Incitement to Insurrection

House is going to draft impeachment articles.

It needs to be in the official record. He earned it.

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Removed for insurrection means he cannot self pardon.

Means he can be charged?

He won’t be removed in such a short time.

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That said, I don’t believe that self pardon business will work. Don’t ask me how, but it’s so inherently wrong it has to be rejected if he tries it. His best hope is to resign and hope Pence will pardon him.

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Obama won two elections.

Trump won 2 impeachments


all he had to do was keep his mouth shut for a couple of month and he could have spend the rest of his life grifting…


What a nice way to get in the history books.

He’s got 12 more days to do something to get the hat trick.

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The Gordie Howe hat trick is a goal, an assist and a fight.

The Trump hat trick is an impeachment, a censure and a post-presidency arrest.


Not realy.

Not going into “just” or “moral”, but in reference to timing.

Impeachment, charging of crimes, and pardon power are three different things.

Pardon Power:
Basically the sitting President has unchecked pardon power, however no President has ever tried to pardon themselves. Even Nixon resigned and it was Ford that pardoned him. Whether a President can actually pardon themselves has never been tested. (Personally I’m on the side that they can’t.)

The pardon power remains in full force as long as the individual is the sitting President. So in reality a pardon can be issued up to a guilty vote of impeachment by the Senate.

Charging of Crimes:
The sitting President can’t be charged with a crime while holding office. They must first be impeached and removed from office. Once no longer in office they can be charged with any crime, whether related to the cause of impeachment or not. So Trump could be impeached, removed from office, and then charged with Sedition.

The problem is he could issue himself a pardon prior to the vote by the Senate, then we are in unexplored territory and it would likely have to go to the SCOTUS for a ruling on the ability of a person to pardon themselves.

One advantage of impeachment, even if his Term expires is that the Senate can bar him from ever holding a federal public office again.


Well, it’s always Schrodinger’s Trump. So, we’ll either get Uncle Squishy the Coward, or the maniacally Desperate Sledge Lord.


This guy could have just put his feet up at a golf resort and everyone would have been better off. But that’s been true since 2015.

What an embarrassing legacy.

That’s why, IMHO, a faster reaction via the 25th Amendment might have been better.

It would have neutered Trumps pardon power.

With impeachment he will have almost two weeks to pardon his police cronies, his lawyers, his kids, and himself - hell he could issue a blanket pardon to any of the rioters from Wednesday (and yes there is precedent for that type of pardon - see President Carter and Vietnam Draft Dodgers.).

The 25th could have been done much more quickly than the impeachment process minimizing the amou8nt of damage that can be done.


I don’t disagree; plus, it removes the football from his undersized hands.

Latest Rasmussen puts trump at 48% approval rating


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The vindictive nature of the swamp is showing.

It isn’t a good look and will be an anchor if Biden Harris fail.


Or two impeachments and a 25th amendment.

Pence and a majority of the cabinet has to be on board for a 25th.


Which means “ain’t gonna happen”.