In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments


“Have a great vacation…that you were supposed to have.” Sure- everybody starts their vacation on a Wednesday.


The radical pink hat feminists that made the “P” word wildly popular, should all get together and “stone” Tucker with their worn out copies of 50 Shades of Grey.


Tucker is a scumbag. I always knew he was a moron and a dog whistle racist but to openly call for a white supremacist government deserves a shunning.

I’ll assume since defends pedophilia and this thread exists, that he isn’t protected.


Hes getting closer to being a quiverfull nut i reckon.


You better believe it, fan or no fan of Tucker in this day the opposition is not looking for apologies there out to ruin you.


Right so do yourself a favor and maybe don’t say racist and misogynistic things?


I must have missed something. How and where is it shown this is Carlson rather than someone with a similar voice?


What if it is Carlson?


Carlson has had several days to deny it was him. Instead, he has attacked Media Matters. Seems like a pretty good sign it was him.


How does that in any way answer the question I asked?


Fake tapes, wasn’t him. Get back to me with your next trick where you have video and I ask if it’s a body double.


Watch your own clip. He was supposed to be on vacation this week and cam in anyway due to the fact it’s a busy news week.


What if it is Carlson in the video? Weird that you wont answer. Idk the answer to your question


If you can’t or won’t answer I’m not interested in engaging you on the subject and I’m certainly not going to chase your red herrings.


Im asking you what you would think if it was actually Carlson. I already said i dont know the answer to your question. But if it is Carlson, how would your opinion of him change? I.dont understand why thats such a controversial question to you…geesh


I watched him tonight. He more or less admitted it was him. He said something like 'We all say stupid and silly things. This was 10 years ago"


What is so difficult about answering the question? But we know you will not ao how about this, regardless of the person who it is talking (and Carlson has not denied it) dont you think those views are worthy of crtiicism?


Great defense. Almost worked for trump.


Even if Carlson comes out and admit it, those that cannot bring themselves to criticize a fox host will start to talk about context or just deflect to something someone else said.


Yep. Happens every time.