In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments


Kevin Hart should have said the same thing.
Apologize at your own risk.


What’s ok is the actual audio itself, in the context it was said. The distortion of it, taken out of context, for no other reason but to attack someone due to their popularity and political beliefs is beyond shameful. Are you ashamed?


Fox hold someone accountable? Not until it costs them tens of millions in settlements. Before that? Nah…not how State Run TV works.


You think the actual audio of himself suggesting that the thought of 14 year old girls sexually experimenting excites him, is taken out of context?

That’s interesting. Do tell


I haven’t heard that segment but each that I did listen to, the aspect that people are getting incensed about is ridiculous. If you have this portion of the audio, please post a link.


The audio and transcript of same are in the op


What second in the audio is it that you’re singling out?


Tactic 1: Question whether it truly is Carlson.
(This implies that there is something wrong with what he said)

When it is shown to be Carlson, move on to…

Tactic 2: Question the context or outright deny that Carlson said anything wrong.

This strategy has been used over and over. I find it humorous as Tactic 1 wouldn’t be employed if there wasn’t some reason to deny yet that will be forgotten as they move to Tactic 2.


It starts at 2:15 in the audio


“What if it isn’t Tucker?”



That’s all I am saying unless you’re prepared to go down with the ship, they’re not looking for your apology in the era of outrage. They are seeking your demise.


“We demand an apology”
“Apology not accepted”


He’s just asking the question.


Hey look! More audio from Tucker. This time talking about a Ms. USA Teen contestant and whether or not Mario Lopez had sex with her. Classy stuff!


The comedy act isn’t working.


Well, in this case I don’t think an apology will do much because he’s awful on his show too. It’s not like he’s changed over the years and allllllll these comments were old behavior. It’s just more blatant examples.


Fox said it was. Our host said it was. Facts matter.


Its ok to not use those labels


This is weak…comeback with a good argument.


So many beloved lefty liberals with the faux outrage. Kimmell and his man show days and many many more. We have Joy Behar lecturing on correct behavior ignoring the famous picture of her grabbing Robin Williams crotch. The left crickets.