In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments


What do you think the correct context might be?


I actually read his comments in context. If you had you might see that his accusers are sensationalizing, to hurt him, & they way it’s taken out of context is absurd, the context shows the meaning of what he said isn’t nearly as bad as it seems from the hit piece on him. Context is everything. But hey, you don’t like him, so it won’t matter to you, huh?


You are a republican? Uh-huh


Again, like I said…


Well normally when someone says things are taking out of context, it’s up to them to supply what the missing context is, or maybe even attempt to make some up.

But just saying meh, it’s not that bad isnt demonstrating how anything was taken out of context.

For an example of something that really was taken out of context, we could learn from how Republicans took “You didn’t build that” wildly out of context and to this day many think Ibama was talking about businesses, not the public infrastructure business is reliant on, which is clear when hear the full context.


Don’t tell me what’s clear. It’s clear that Trump said Tim Cook Apple, the Cook part was quiet but it’s CLEARLY there no matter what the lying fake news word cancellers say.


so why post it?


Media Matters really needs to up my pay rate:

Sept '18

aug '18

June '18


I liked Carlson. This isn’t good.
It’ll probably finish him and should.


Nah, you gotta keep Fox out of the henhouse.


Why is anyone surprised about this???
This is Tucker Carlson, it’s what he is. I’ve been onto this dude’s game back before his time on MSNBC


I don’t know what is more disgusting,what Carlson said or the people who refuse to condemn him.
He should be sacked it’ll be interesting to see what Fox do.


That isnt fascism. Trump would be considered a fascist because he tried to sue to silence the onion under your definition. Get used to goose stepping.


Fox news wants the catering to white supremacy that he represents. I doubt they will can him.


That was a ■■■■■■■ travesty.


here’s a picture of Tucker Carlson and his family…


I don’t think Tucker should apologize. The liberal left has used equally offensive words and conduct and managed to keep their jobs, status, political clout. If that’s the case, if the left has condoned equivalent language and conduct from people on their side, if they have been tolerant of their vulgarity, if they haven’t called for censure or consequences, or exacted them, then it’s not about the language or conduct, it’s about shutting down political opponents.
I’m a woman. I’ve got a daughter. We’re not offended. We’re managing to get on with our day, work, function, our self esteem’s good, Tucker doesn’t owe us an apology, nor do we want one.


I’m not familiar with that facial expression he’s making.




Chicago homosexual community shocked he could keep it secret

Published: 09/11/2012 at 9:53 PM


author-image JEROME R. CORSI


Jerome Corsi. (mic drop)


It’s all good now, Tucker called a cnn person a eunuch on his show tonight. No problems here. Show of big ideas and no bullying!