In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments


Look! New audio of Tucker saying dumb racist stuff!!!


Wait. The fascists made him say these things???

Also. If you want to get those other people out of their jobs, start a campaign to remove them. If no one decides to follow you, then tough ■■■■■


So you admit this is simply a campaign to get tucker fired??

Sounds like facism to me.


People who decide not to watch CNN? These channels get punished by losing money.


For saying racist, misogynistic things. Yes.


so your on record saying calling people monkey and savages are non-human because of their nationality is a good thing?

because that is what Tucker said.


are you suggesting Republican don’t campaign to have people removed form TV?


So you like onion juice in your tea?


Which people?? Which republicans??


and thousands of other groups.


Same with FOX. Who seems to be kicking ass.

What you get when you do not use the gifted debate monitors on fox is this.

CNN and the other networks will ask the candidates questions that allow them the opportunity to best express their hatred of Trump. It will not provide a forum where they can compare their policies to Trump policies. It will be a softball game. Fox would have definitely asked tough questions. Which is the last thing the DNC wants.


Pretty much every-time a company make an ad with a gay couple people protest it.


When is the GOP going to have a debate on MSNBC?


That’s up to their parent company, NBC. Who has hosted them in the past and will in the future.



None of this is even remotely true.


You know. This is the guy I’d go to bat for.

Carlson is heard saying Iraq is a “crappy place filled with a bunch of, you know, semi-literate primitive monkeys,” adding, "that’s why it wasn’t worth invading.” That follows a 2006 segment on the show where Carlson said he had “zero sympathy” for Iraqi people and their culture because they “don’t use toilet paper or forks.”

“They’re just so awful. Just awful," Carlson said.


Hey… I like the part where stands up for a child rapist.


Let us know when you go against the dimocrats and media members who are openly criticizing straight, white, christian and males and we’ll get back to you.

Since things like that “offend you”.


tell me when a dimocrat call white, Christians sub human monkeys.


He just cant stop getting completely owned on his own show. Not like he had any dignity to begin with.