In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments


What Tucker has done has a long, proud conservative tradition. How you’re surprised is amazing.


It’s my understanding that he said many of those things while working for msnbc. Why didn’t they fire him for it then?


Fox is meeting with advertisers tomorrow as protestors gather outside.


I’m a straight, white, Christian male and I’ve never felt criticized by Democrats or media matters.


Only the MSM holds it’s people accountable. Rightwing media promotes this type antisocial behavior.


If you say so.

Doesn’t mean they’re not out there doing it.


Holy ■■■■
CO-HOST: So, basically we need a racist president. “We need to get these Mexicans out of here, and the Islam. Let’s kill all the Muslims.”

CARLSON: Well, I don’t think –

CO-HOST: We need that.

CARLSON: I – you know, I think that you’re onto something. I mean, not someone who’s like a Klansman or anything, but someone who’s totally unbound by P.C. rules, who will just say whatever the hell he wants.


Token conservative, of course. :smirk:

Libs don’t listen that that station, how would they know.


Fascism is cool.


Doesn’t matter. That’s the narrative the CEC told them so expect to hear it a lot.


Sen. hirono - “Men should shut up”

Misandrist. She needs to go.


That’s a joke right? He didn’t actually-

Oh my God he actually did. Wow, Trumpism completely explained and nakedly our for all to see.


Do you guys aren’t even going to pretend to hide it anymore huh? Well, that’s nice.


I haven’t tried to boycott, protest or get anyone fired.

Aim again.


We know if Trump said that ■■■■ you wouldn’t care.


I thought the dimocrats had his address. Aren’t they up for intimidating his wife and kids anymore? Maybe break another door?


trump?? Link?


Conservative don’t boycott, protest, or get people fired?


‘‘Grab’m by the…’’ We’ll start there.


Is that the argument? That being against racism, bigotry, and misogyny is being partisan against conservative Republicans?

OK then.