In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments


And if I’m correct at one time he was relatively low key, right? He was on “Crossfire” way back when. Did Fox make him change into a wrestling-type heel or was this there all along? I’d love to hear other opinions on this.


As do I. Apologies from unrepentant ■■■■■■■■ mean nothing. Let him continue to wave his ■■■■■■■ flag proudly, so everyone can see him for what he is.


'Member when Fox News had pundits whinging about how coarse society had become, and so by extension so did almost all conservatives?

Bill O’Reilly 'members.


Tucker is a walking joke of a journalist at this point.


Why would he that would only hurt him with his demographic.


I don’t know if he ever fully recovered from John Stuart intellectually pantsing him on air.


Honestly, I’m still surprised he survived the Jon Stewart beat down all those years ago.


You owe me a coke.


Clearly he didn’t.


I am watching the Jon Stewart video of him dressing down Carlson and I forgot how delicious the whole thing is.

One thing that is really ironic… Stewart said in 2004 it would be hard to match the absurdity of the Bush Administration… woof… was he wrong.


And yet if someone called Trump a pig, many complaining would likely pile on.

No, calling all women inherently pigs would pass as misogynistic. Calling specific women by names may pass as bad taste but it is not misogynistic.


As long as its not technically illegal…


Taken in the context of the comments he made about women as a group, it’s not a huge leap.


He’s not the only one who felt that way.

The more sobering thought is that Donald may not be our nation’s political nadir.


No, he won’t. Look at what it took to fire O’Reilly. He’s safe. So’s Pirro.


That’s certainly a way to look at it if you want to defend his behavior by ignoring the facts!


Is there nothing related to Trump or Fox News that you will not defend? Seriously mate these comments by Tucker are not good.

If racist comments do exisr then i suspect he will be done at Fox News


Who should punish CNN and MSNBC for their partisanship?


Is there nothing anti conservative, anti Trump, or anti media that isn’t leftists that you won’t jump on the attacking bandwagon?


Hmmm…now its ok for politicians and their organization to punish media that they see as the opposition. Seems only a short time ago that was authoritarian and dangerous even to talk of them and call them names, now punishing them is ok.