In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments


I’m trying to work myself up into a lather over it but I just can’t.

I don’t agree with Tucker on a lot of things and I don’t expect him to have the manners or self restraint of a pastor.

I will still enjoy watching his show, maybe even more often since he’s now under attack.


It was a discussion about girls in a college dorm. Keep up.


Hmmm getting worse for the creep…


The liberals need to chill and put on some old episodes of Jimmy Kimmel’s The Man Show


You missed something. It’s 100% him. He was a regular guest for years on the show while it was was on SiriusXM.


Cratic just outed himself as Mark Dice fan. Tell us about the lizard men!



It was a discussion about his 14 year old daughter’s boarding school.

Carlson said he would love to explore the scenario of underage girls sexually experimenting with each other, but not if it involved his daughter.


Meh. If Trump can survive his Stern tapes, Tucker will survive his Bubba tapes.

Unless he shows up in one of those videos with Hulk Hogan and Bubba’s wife. Then, choices will be made.


I don’t know. Trumps 5th Ave Base will defend anything. Advertisers are far more worried they’ll lose revenue if they support him. I give him 50/50 odds.


13 and 14 year old girls don’t go to college. Try to keep up.


Stop defending pedophilia.


Nobody is.


The crazy part about all this is that it actually might just make Tucker more popular…in the era of Trump so called conservatives traded what few shreds of dignity they once had for “lib tears”

So its only natural that deplorable comments from the agents of Trump would be met with a resounding…meh


That dude is messed up for sure. I decline to associate his wackiness with the ideology he pretends to be a part of. He is just straight up wacked. If an organization continues to make him a part of them then they can answer for it and its on them.


Do you know what pedophilia is? Why don’t you look it up before you use it?


Morality, decency, and basic common sense are the new elements of radicalism in the Age of Idiocy.


Right he’s technically defending Hebephilia. Is that what you wanted me to correct?


A provocative response!


If true, this statement PERFECTLY encapsulates a very specific type of creep.


Tucker Carlson is misogynistic, a racist, a coward for not owning up to his crap and a follower, point blank and simple. This is his thing. Nothing more than a wannabe riding on the coat tails of others who think like him on that station. Honestly, I don’t know who is worst, him or the segments of his audience that’s okay with this.