In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments


Well that’s perfectly revolting.


Ironically, most arians would likely reject many of the people in Carlson’s audience. You can be sure Trump wouldn’t associate with them either. They’re mostly rubes who are easily used.


Can you cite what he said that was racist?


What he said about the Iraqis, by calling them primitive monkey’s and crediting the birth of civilization to white men. Either he racist, an uninformed jackass or both.


Why do you insist on defending Carlson over this. As a father of two girls I find his comments reprehensible. You dont involve your daughters in any type of sexual discussion. Well a decent dad doesnt.


Is Iraqi a race of it’s own?


Actually, he made it a point to exclude his daughter. What he said was bad enough.


The very fact he was having a sexual discussion which he had to add a disclaimer about his daughter is bad enough.


wow. Okay Bill brown.



I agreed that what he said should eliminate him from a broadcasting job, but I’m detecting liberal overkill.
In this thread he’s been accused of racism, pedophilia and sexually discussing his daughter. None of those are true.
You hurt your cause with that kind of stuff. Keep your criticisms accurate and you’ll have a much stronger argument.


What does “smdh” mean?


Shaking my damn head.


Wildrose just said he is more likely to watch him!


He was having a sexual discussion about underage girls and had to make a distinction that his daughter was excluded. I am far from perfect but in my 24 years as a father of daughters I have never had a similar discussion which required me to verbally explain that my daughters were excluded.


Mark Dice.

You should see what that guy has to say about Mormons.


The ones with cat ears? Like ■■■■■■■■■■ Did that trigger you? It’s certainly not quite on the level of saying you’d like to watch your daughter’s 14 year old friends sexually experiment with each other.


I’ ve tried to respond however my posts are now requiring review.


I’ll have to check that out myself. I have heard of the Dice guy but sounds like i need to check him out.
It is fascinating to me, that we live in a country with three significant religions Muslims, Mormon and Catholic that have had histories of underage children and certain behaviors. Both the Muslims and a Mormons have early roots and foundations involving underage females. Then you have the Catholic Church, a ripe history of pedophilia and cover-up. All three groups are considered religious organizations with status and plentiful government perks. Real disturbing actions, not just wrong think and speak.


My new favorite post…


Oh… you are going to live Mark Dice then. Sounds right up your alley.